Let’s give this a try..

Hi, I’m Jess.

I’m a 25 year old entrepreneur and lover of music, food, and all things fitness. 

I’m excited to embark on this blogging adventure with you! Journals and diaries haven’t worked out for me in the past, but I’m hoping this will be different (it’ll be tough to forget my blog on an airplane, spill coffee on it, feed it to the dog, etc). I’ve always envied people who can record their daily encounters, look back on them and learn.. so that’s my purpose here. I want an outlet to track my interests, goals and milestones… and share them with you!

Raising the Bar is intended to inspire and promote self improvement. On the smallest scale and the grandest,  Im trying to get better every single day. Today I started a blog:)

What sparks your curiosity? What inspires you?

2 thoughts on “Let’s give this a try..

  1. Hi Jess,

    Love the concept and your new diggs look amazing. Lot’s of hard word paying off. I would love a chance to chat with you. Might you have a free 10-15 minutes? I live local and currently belong to a couple of gyms in the neighborhood. Let me know, Diane

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