November Superfood: Sweet Potatoes

November brings cold weather, more clothing, and more food. Just because it’s turkey season doesn’t mean we need to load up on the wrong foods and kick our summer diets to the curb. The fall brings a variety of seasonal foods that you can incorporate into your diet without reversing what you worked for during bathing suit season. At the top of my list is the sweet potato.

Loaded with vitamin A, this orange superfood is key to healthy eyesight and glowing skin. Also packed with vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, the sweet potato promotes a healthy immune system and can lessen the affects of sodium on blood pressure and bone loss. Substitute a sweet potato for a loaded baked potato and feel the effects inside and out. Throw some marshmallows on top for a sweet and savory superfood treat.

Soft sweaters don’t mean soft bodies! Keep your workouts in gear and fill up on nutrient rich foods like the sweet potato throughout the month of November. What’s your favorite sweet potato recipe?

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