My cooking battle.. defeated!


eMeals has changed the way I approach healthy cooking

At the end of 2012 – after ridding my fridge of expired produce for what seemed like the 3rd time that month – I decided something needed to change. My intentions to cook regularly have always been good ones. But my planning skills have left me with a cabinets full of ingredients that didn’t add up to a meal. When I entertained, I would shop for a single recipe at a time. This turned cooking into a time-consuming, money-wasting mess.

At the turn of the new year I decided to take a different approach. With a suggestion from my extremely efficient, mother of 3, super-woman-sister-in-law, I decided to get some regular help with my meal planning. She introduced me to eMeals, an online program that makes meal planning a breeze. Each week I get an email with 7 great recipes and a detailed grocery list to stock my pantry with their ingredients.  With 8 meal-plan options to choose from, the menus cater to everyone from vegetarians to paleo and raw eaters. For January, I selected the Clean Eating menu. So far it has been amazing!

Last week I dined on Balsamic Mushroom and Quinoa Salad, a Rosemary Rubbed Pork Loin, and Spicy Black Bean Cakes with homemade Sour Cream! Save for a few Saturdays, I’ve been cooking new recipes every night. With a balanced diet and fresh ingredients, my workouts have benefited almost as much as my wallet:)

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