Preparing your body for the slopes; mogul-ready fitness tips

Winter brings cold weather, sniffly noses, brutal commutes and snow…hopefully lots of it. If you’re anything like me you love the first snow, the quiet roads, and the anticipation of your first ski trip. Many New Englanders use skiing and snowboarding as an outlet for outdoor fitness during the months that beckon you indoors. With the holidays behind us, its a great time to plan a few trips and enjoy the rugged landscape that the Northeast has to offer. But before jumping on a pair of skis or a board, its important to condition your body for whats in store.


There’s nothing worse than fatiguing after an hour on the trails… or wiping out because your core strength isn’t where it should be. Snow sports are high intensity, challenging, and sometimes dangerous. To make the most of your next trip to the slopes, pay attention to these focus areas to best prepare your body for the mountain.

1. Cardio

Plain and simple, staying power on the slopes demands cardiovascular endurance. Cycling is a great way to boost your aerobic base, make sure to practice with sprints and high intensity hills to boost your lactate threshold and increase your lactate power, allowing you to ski with the oomph you crave.

2. Balance and Flexibility

Maintaining your center of gravity in erratic conditions requires balance and flexibility.  Yoga is a great way to hone these skills, practicing two hours a week will increase your flexibility and strengthen your core.

3. Fast feet

Sprint work and agility practice will certainly make your season a more successful one. Try fast feet exercises like running in place, or low resistance sprints on the bike to get your legs moving. Crossover patterns and double foot hops on an agility ladder are terrific ways to boost your speed and stamina. Try hopping exercises by creating targets on the floor in tape. Tape a large square divided into four quarters and hop between them in a repetitive pattern. 20 seconds, on 1 minute off. Mix up directions to strengthen your core. Four sets of these 3 times a week will get you mogul ready in no time.  ladder

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