A great ending or a fresh start? Enter August with gusto

Happy August!

For some reason, August always seems like one long Sunday. It’s the last month before a new season begins and for many the end of vacations, a lighter work schedule, and spending time with loved ones, just as Sunday marks the end of the weekend and the last day before a brand new week. You can view August—just like Sunday—as the end of something. OR you can view this month as the beginning of something completely new and exciting.  I choose the latter.

However, August is also a time of reflection. It’s a chance to acknowledge that these sweet summer days are coming to an end and to think about what you’ve done in the past few months. If you set goals, did you meet them? Did you make time to see an old friend? Did you spend a few lazy days by the beach and forget your worries? Did you try something new?


That last question there is a loaded one. Really, think about it. In these past three months, through the heat waves, the thunderstorms, and the beach days, did you find time to take a step out of your comfort zone and experience something totally new? Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean you had to have gone skydiving or moved cross-country (though if you did, that’s awesome!). It can be as simple as finally trying a vegetable you thought you’d never enjoy or even taking a different route to work in the morning.

The point is—if you are constantly doing and seeing the same things day, after day, after day, it can get old, real fast. The monotony of everyday life can really run us down and sometimes it can be very sneaky. We have learned to love routine, plans, and micromanaging, and often times we are too busy looking at the details. We fail to see the forest for the trees.

If you consciously choose to do something new each and every day—no matter how small—you will be able to better shape the “big picture”. You are making those small choices and avoiding monotony with the notion that the proverbial bigger picture exists, and that you have at least some control over how it turns out. Because at the end of the day—or the season, the week, or the year—it’s not the details that we reminisce about, it’s the overall experiences we have. So I challenge you; do one thing each and every day that you did not do the day before. And if that seems like too big a challenge, do that one thing you have been telling yourself you’d do all summer. Because before you know it, Labor Day will have come and gone and you’ll still be daydreaming about all those things you “wish” you could’ve done.

Dream it. Do it. Live it.

By: Falon Sweeney 

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