Who raised the bar in August?

Kim Russel!

Kim has been a dedicated rider at The Handle Bar since we first opened in June and we couldn’t be more pleased to recognize her accomplishments. She raised the bar in August with her dedication to the studio, and to herself. Kim has attended more classes at The Handle Bar than any other rider – IMPRESSIVE. Congratulations Kim!kimrussel

“I first heard about The Handle Bar through Elise – I was a regular in her classes at Healthworks. Spinning is a vital part of maintaining my mental and physical health and her classes are just the best. When she told me about this great new studio she’d be teaching at and the other amazing instructors that would be teaching there, making the switch was a no-brainer. I took my first class at The Handle Bar a few months ago after returning from a month-long vacation in Europe and I’ve been a dedicated attendee ever since!”

-Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your experience/journey been like with spinning? 

I got hooked on spinning a year or so ago when I was visiting my parents for the weekend and took a class at our local Y. I’d taken spin classes here and there at my gym in Boston and had never been terribly enthused about them, but this class at the Y turned everything around – a fun and motivating instructor, great play list, and an intense workout. I went back to my city gym with a new attitude and tried a few new instructors, and I’ve never looked back. Nothing makes me feel as fabulous or as strong and you absolutely can’t beat the endorphin rush.

-How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

Fitness for me is just as much about the mental benefits as the physical ones. When I get in a good sweat I feel 100% more capable of handling what ever the day throws at me and I’m much more able to manage stress. I make it a top priority to get some kind of exercise every day. I schedule classes early to snag a spot with my favorite instructors and write them down in my planner. Once I’m signed up, I’m committed – no excuses!

-What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

I’m usually a very goal-oriented person, but when it comes to fitness I don’t really make them. However, I’ve learned how important exercise is to keeping myself in a healthy mindset so I’ve made a commitment to myself to keep up with a routine. I come to The Handle Bar because it’s such a laid-back and fun atmosphere (Bar Fight? Post-class retox cocktails?? Hello!), and I truly enjoy it.

-What is your favorite way to retox after a long week?

Friday afternoons after work I turn off my iPhone for an hour or so and have a glass of wine, go for a walk, take a nap, or get a mani/pedi. It’s so nice to unplug for a little while! I also love weekend cocktails with friends, Sunday brunch, and now that it’s September… FOOTBALL!!

-Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

Hands down, Elise’s 6am rooster ride on Friday mornings is my favorite class of the week. I love getting up early and getting my booty kicked on the bike, and Elise is just the gal for the task. I always leave her classes feeling like superwoman.

-What is your favorite music to spin to?

Anything with a great beat! I love how music-focused this studio is.

-What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I started using bike shoes once I started spinning regularly and I love them. They completely change your ride. I didn’t realize how hard I was working just to stay balanced before being clipped in, not to mention the shoes really enable you to work every muscle as you push and pull on the bike.

-What motivates you?

The other day a good friend of mine told me how proud of me she is for being so dedicated to spinning and making healthy choices for myself. She told me she looks to me for motivation to get her own tush in gear. I was so flattered! Having someone look to you for inspiration is the most motivating thing in the world.

-What words do you live by?

Healthy mind, healthy body. Everything else will follow.

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