What’s in your bag?

Have you ever wondered what the staff and instructors of The Handle Bar keep in their gym bags to help them Raise the Bar, on and off the bike? We took a peek inside Erin, Lena, and Rosemary’s bags to check what they pack for a sweat sesh when they hit the Bar!

Our resident Nutritionist, Lena carries all the essentials to catch the beat before, during, and after class. 


Shimano spin shoes – Clipping into the bike and getting after a great work out, Lena always has her spin shoes on her for whenever she’s back on a bike.


Eos lip balm in mint “We can’t stop”…using this amazing lip balm. Eos will leave you with a kiss of freshness post-class and beyond.

Scientific calculator Mental workouts count too! Lena keeps her calculator handy for when she’s breaking a mental sweat

Bastille Dry Shampoo Great for a quick freshen up after a tough class, Lena keeps dry shampoo at the ready when she’s in a rush .

Macbook Lena is ready to start a bumping new playlist or get down to business with schoolwork with her Macbook that’s tucked in her tote.

Erin keeps her bagged stocked with plenty of must-haves to chase the beat in every class. 

erins bag2 Pairs of Lululemon crops- A great pair of workout pants helps Erin keep calm, cool and collected while climbing a steep hill or hitting a sprint.

Moroccan Argan Body Cream Erin keeps her skin fresh and moisturized in-between classes with this luxurious lotion that leaves her skin radiant!

A Handle Bar tank top Erin rocks her Handle Bar colors while raving the Bar in all of her classes- stop in to experience her high-energy class for yourself!

Rose is often found behind the desk at The HB, but the contents of her bag says a lot about her!

rose bag

Kombucha Drink Rose refuels and hydrates with this delicious natural tea, a great way to refresh before or after a yoga class.. (you’ll  find this chick at South Boston Yoga almost daily).

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 4.41.39 PMStethoscopeWhile studying to become an RN, Rose knows that the best way to maintain heart health is through exercise—what better way than catching a beat at The Handle Bar?

Maybe next time we’ll take a peak at some of our riders’ gear.. 

What’s in  your bag?

By: MK Hennelly 

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