Who Raised the Bar in October?

Yael Frydman! 

Yael has been riding with us since we opened our doors in June. She enters the studio radiating positivity, she rides with passion, and she leaves us drenched in sweat and wearing a smile! Certain people bring an energy to the room that transforms a normal ride to an epic one, and Yael is one of them. Every instructor loves having her in class – front row center, right on beat, and ready for everything they throw at her. For this reason, there’s no debating that Yael Frydman raised the bar in October. We love having you Yael, keep bringin’ it! 

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 2.47.53 PM

 Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your experience/journey been like with spinning?

It’s been a ride!!!!! I started spinning back home in Argentina back in the day where spinning shoes didn’t exist in my shoe spectrum. Then once in boston I used to go spinning on the weekends, but the studio was too far (45 min drive?). I always loved it as a workout, but the key was finding that perfect blend of charismatic instructor, inspiring music and lifting energy. That’s what The Handle Bar brought to Southie! And to find it only an elevator ride away makes the deal  even sweeter! 

How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

Whenever I can I fit in an early morning spin: isn’t it grand?

‘It’s not even 7am and I’m done with my cardio, all energized and ready to start my day!’

 Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

It’s the absolute best!! Terrific instructors, friendly staff and fellow riders, great music, convenient schedule and literally 2 doors down… Simply Unbeatable!

What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

Lately I’ve been quite the DVD lady (you know, those home insane workout systems, no names needed 😉 I usually get bored traditional workouts but this hasn’t happened with spinning. It makes it so much easier to keep up with a daily exercise routine.

What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

Getting into a daily workout routine! I’m happy to make time for it! And the benefits are awesome: I’m starting to lose weight and keep up to date on what music is cool!

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

Well, I’m a total foodie, love cooking and feeding everyone around me (homemade pasta anyone???) and experimenting with new recipes and techniques… Big reason to keep up with a good A- kicking riding regime!

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

Hands down 6:00 Elise’s on Wednesdays and Fridays!!! Jess, Ally, Lena and Erin rock too!

What is your favorite music to spin to?

Work Bitch by BS is quite inspiring 😉  One thing I started noticing is that now and then, listening to music in the radio, spinning is sort of the gold standard to what I measure the songs: “here comes a heavy climb!” 

I guess I became a total spinning nerd! 

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

What a difference!!!!! They make the ride so much more efficient… Can’t even think about spinning without them any more.

What motivates you?

Passion, excellence and a bit of competition (the healthy kind)

What words do you live by?

 “Quien te quita lo bailado”

An expression we use back home that means that no matter the consequences, no one can take away from you the joy of having done something!

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