Who Raised the Bar in January?

Leah Triplett!

Riding with us since August, Leah has become quite the HB regular. Never having had a gym membership, Leah has found her niche here at The Handle Bar. She is here most days for the midday classes, but you can sometimes catch her at one of Elise’s evening rides. Like many of our other riders, Leah rides with us to relieve stress. She has been able consistently maintain a balance between goal setting and stress relief, all while having a great time with her fellow riders at the HB. We couldn’t be more excited to call you our rider of the month, Leah! Keep raising that bar!

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your journey been like with spinning?
Before getting into spinning, I was a pretty itinerant exerciser. I would get really into yoga for a couple months before getting bored and dropping it. Before trying spin for the first time, I was pretty into running. It wasn’t until this summer, when The Handle Bar opened, that I really got hooked on spinning, however. I’m really excited that I’ve been able to stay so consistent with spinning for so long withHandle Bar–it’s really a first for me and working out. Spinning is a total physical and mental workout for me, and I love it.
How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

Spinning is a great part of my day! I always sign up for classes in advance, which makes it basically impossible to flake out. If something comes up during the week and I have to cancel a class, I always reschedule it. I love that most classes are only 45 minutes because that’s such a crazy manageable time…it’s less than an hour! If I can’t find an hour in my day to make it to spinning for myself, I’m too busy.

 Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

I started coming to The Handle Bar because it’s location is so convenient for me. But I keep coming to studio because the classes incorporate a perfect amount of strength-training into an intense cardio workout. As someone who has always been a little intimidated by big gyms and group exercise, I love how you can make each class your own while still being energized and motivated by the group. The lights and music get you into a ‘zone,’ and being apart of the group pushes you to go further than you think you can go.

What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

I’ve been off and on yoga for years. Yoga is great, but I tend to get bored or burned-out on it. I’ve never had a gym membership. I really enjoy a nice, long run in the spring and summertime.

What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

Class at The Handle Bar helps me relieve a ton of stress, and it totally centers me! Also, I could barely (and I mean barely) make it through the bar work when I first started coming to the studio. I can ALMOST get through arms without resting now, and it’s definitely my goal each class make it through without pausing once.

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

A beer or a glass of prosecco with friends.

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

That’s such a tough question! Honestly, I’ve never left the studio feeling like I didn’t get an amazing, full-body workout. But if I had to decide on a favorite class, it would be a four-way tie between rides with Jess, Erin, Lena & Ali.

What is your favorite music to spin to?

I like all kinds of music for spinning, but I gotta say I love a class that brings back some 80s or 90s goodness.

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I had used bike shoes before The Handle Bar, but I must admit I was not sold on them at all. Now I would not even think of taking a class without clipping in – it’s just not the same.

What motivates you?
Achieving my personal best.
What words do you live by?
 A goal without a plan is just a dream!

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