The Handle Bar Fenway Grand Opening Weekend!

Raising the Bar with a SECOND location

The word is out – we are SO excited to celebrate our Fenway studio Grand Opening this weekend! In just short of a year, and with the help of our riders, team, and friends.. we have created something very special in this incredible city. We have formed a community of people with all different backgrounds, goals, and motivations. A community who inspires us with their love for music, a kick-ass workout, and a great time. Because after all, a ride at The HB is a #PartyOnABike.

Watching our community grow from a small collection of new riders in June… to a now a mix of regulars and newbies – young and old – has been truly inspiring. It’s what motivates our team to get up in the morning – teach class, work the desk, man the blog, create playlists until the wee hours of the night… and just maintain all the behind the scenes work that keeps The Handle Bar what it is. Without your passion for music, sweating it out, and letting it all go, the HB would not be growing from one home to two.

At our Fenway location, we’ll continue to provide the bikes, the music, and the workout, but it is YOU—our riders – who have the power that has and will continue to grow this community. We hope to see MANY new faces this weekend as we take on another part of the city with its own charm and spunk.

Join us this weekend for our Grand Opening celebration.  

Even if you’re not riding, stop in to tour the studio and meet the team!

 Grand Opening copy


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