Featured Playlist – Ali’s Set 4/7

happyThe happiness movement has taken all of us by storm! 🙂 What’s the concept? A song that has the power to unite the world. The rhythmic, funky tune has resonated with every single of us hitting the number one charts in 24 different countries.

Along with the single release, Pharrell launched a “Happy” website, which became the world’s first 24 hour music video. This spawned many YouTube covers of the song from all over the world. So far, 1,290 videos from 120 countries have been created showing a unique happiness in each and every one of them. Some of the best are those from Paris – FranceArica – Chile  and Durban – South Africa.

Just a few days ago Oprah Winfrey interviewed Pharrell about the movement he had created. He was brought to overwhelming happy tears as she showed him the different “Happy” versions people had created around the world. Pharrell’s coy sense of humor shined through as he exclaimed, “why am I crying on Oprah?” The heart touching moment, which you can see here, demonstrates exactly what he wanted to represent in his song. We are all one, and we can all share happiness.

Check out Pharrell William’s “Happy” and the rest of Ali’s 4/1 playlist here on our Soundcloud page. Ride to the happiness!

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