Help us celebrate National Small Business Week!

By Joe Chambrello

sbweekThis week, the Small Business Association (SBA) celebrates National Small Business Week in several cities across the country, including Boston. Having worked in several small businesses in Boston, I understand the value and importance they can bring to a community. First, small businesses create many jobs for those in need, and continue to support the surplus of college graduates, despite the current economic situation. This is particularly valuable in an area like Boston, which is such a big college town. In fact, small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in the US each year! It’s hard to imagine a city like Boston without small businesses and start-ups to fulfill the demand for work among the recently graduated.

Additionally, small businesses bring a type of energy, comfort, and happiness to the community that is often lacking in major corporations. Boston is considered a major metropolitan city in the US, but anyone who has lived here knows what a small-town, community feel it has. We are passionate about our sports, food, drinks, and our city’s rich history, but it doesn’t stop there. Bostonian small business owners, like the HB’s own Jessica Bashelor, bring this same passion to work each and every day, with the goal of welcoming customers as if they were friends or family.

There are certain virtues that make small businesses special, particularly in a blue-collar city like Boston – hard work, great customer service, dedication, loyalty, and above all else, pride. The goal of these small businesses is to develop long standing relationships with their loyal customers, and to create that family-like atmosphere that everyone loves to come back to.sbweeek

This week, the SBA will host events and workshops throughout the country that help improve the small businesses that keep our city running. Topics such as online marketing strategies, avoiding costly business mistakes, and energizing the team will be discussed, helping small businesses to gain momentum and solidify their role as the backbone of the city.

More than anything, this week reminds us to shop small when we can because our city runs on the power of small businesses. Imagine a Boston without its hundreds of fro-yo parlors, your favorite brunch spot, its various yoga and fitness studios, or your retail therapy oasis (aka Newbury Street). Pretty hard, no?

Come out and support the HB and your other favorite small businesses this week to help us solidify our role as the backbone of our thriving city! They don’t call us Boston Strong for nothing, do they?

Shop small. Shop local. Raise The Bar.

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