#TurnItUpTuesday on a Journey with Elise

Have you ever heard someone compare an experience to a journey and you had no clue what they were talking about? When I think of a journey I, for some reason, have always thought of a road trip across the country or a trip through the wilderness to find oneself. A journey in a sense of motivating one’s mental being. Since I have started taking spinning classes at The Handle Bar last summer, rides have always been referred to as a journey, that the class along with the playlist and choreography will create a journey for the rider, mentally and physically. I have never completely understood what that meant until I took Elise’s class last Wednesday night.

There is no other way to describe the ride, except for it was a journey I want to take again. I did not feel like I was in a room with thirty-four other people; I felt as if I was riding my bike in the outdoors and on my way to a destination of accomplishment. Different songs brought me to different places; from biking by myself on the mountainside in my own little world to crossing the finish line with a pack of others feeling the same way.

Elise started this journey with some Chris Brown and Lil Wayne (“Loyal; East Coast version”), the perfect warm up song to get into the zone. A song that I was not only riding to the beat but nodding my head and shoulders to the rhythm. By the end of the song we were no longer on a flat road, but moving onto an incline where “Jump” by Rihanna only motivated me to push harder and yup, actually want to sprint going up this hill as the chorus hit. The build up to the sprint was perfect; the beat started out so that you had a nice, fluent bounce then so subtly the rhythm picked up that you did not even notice your legschasing the beat.

The best part about climbs are that once you go up, you always go back down. Who better to break it down with than the one and only J-Lo?! “Goin’ In” featuring Pitbull is the perfect flat road, choreography jam. Elise led the way to a series of crunches and presses adding the famous tap-back to spice things up! When looking in the mirror at myself and all those around me, I actually felt as if I was apart of a dance routine, everyone hitting the moves all together as one. Personally, I look forward to the variety of choreography that is offered in all the classes; it makes a steep climb so by so much smoother and adds the extra pep to the ride!

What makes this journey stand out is that as a rider, you can actually visualize yourself making your way up the hill by getting a feel for the song and how steep you are going. This hill was formed with some  Serena Ryder (Stompa), Duke Dumont (I Got U) and of course the one and only, Britney Spears (Everytime). I was so in the zone of keeping up with the choreography and maintaining that steady beat it was not until we were reaching the top of the hill at a heavy 9 when I was aware of the burn in my quads, calves and glutes. A burn that has never felt so good.

Now, it was time to flush out those legs and take it home! A song couldn’t have been more fitting than “Things Can Only Get Better” by Cedric Gervais. The song was loud, energetic and made me feel like I was accomplishing the impossible, cheering me on until the end. That was when I knew that I had mastered my journey, challenging myself the whole way though.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea what it is meant by when someone compares their ride to a journey. Throughout the whole ride I felt as if I was on a mission to reach a destination and when that finale song played, I could see myself speeding across the finish line from the top of the massive hill which I made my own. I encourage everyone to view the ride as a journey, it is motivating and makes the class that much more enjoyable (if possible).

Who says working out can’t be fun?!

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