Who raised the bar in July?

Alisun Kovach!


A leader in the #HBSummerShare Challenge, our July Rider of the Month, Alisun Kovach has proven her self a loyal and committed HBer. She challenged herself to prioritize fitness this summer, and as a result has become a fitter, stronger, and healthier rooster rider. In addition to tapping it back at the HB, Alisun has shared her summer with friends, spending most of her time outside – either on a paddle board or patio. Congrats, Alisun! Keep up the #WorkHardPlayHard mentality as the Summer Share comes to a close!

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your experience/journey been like with spinning?

I tried spin a few years ago at my gym. I really enjoyed it at first and it quickly became my favorite class. However, there wasn’t any continuity between the instructors, some were great and mixed it up, others did the same thing the whole time and weren’t very motivational.  Eventually, I stopped going and hadn’t been back in the saddle for about two years until the Fenway Handle Bar opened. 
How do you keep up with your fitness on a regular basis?
I strength train 2-3 times a week . I love outdoor fitness activities, like kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking and going for long bike rides. 
Tell us an unknown fact about yourself
I’m obsessed with the color turquoise. If I see something in that color I feel like I need it to live!
How has fitness become part of your everyday life?
Before, it was something I did only if I had the time, and usually got skipped over for a Real Housewives marathon. Now, I make the time. No matter what I have planned for the day I fit 45-60 minutes of exercise in. It feels great to do something good for yourself on a daily basis and even better when you start seeing your hard work pay off.
Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?
Because even when you’re soaked in sweat and thinking the instructors crazy for asking you to gear up (again!!) or pulse the bar when you’re convinced your arm’s about to fall off, it’s still fun! Every time it’s different, every time it’s challenging, and every time it’s fun, that’s a hard combination to come by.
What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?
Oh gosh, I’ve tried a little bit of everything. Boxing, kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, running, countless fitness DVD (those infomercials are really convincing!) Basically, if there was a Groupon for it, I tried it.
What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?
The Handle Bar helped me finally become a morning workout person. I’ve tried a lot of things, but none of them were worth waking up before 6am for. One of my main goals for this summer was to prioritize fitness, which the Handle Bar had helped me do, and as a result, I’ve lost lost quite a few lbs and gained some muscle definition (yay!).
What drives you more – working out solo or with a friend?
I definitely push myself harder when I’m working out with a friend.
With spinning though, it’s more of a solo thing, my friend may be peddling faster, but my resistance may be up higher, so I just try to focus on my feet on the mirror and challenge myself with the resistance and pace.
What have been the hardest and most fun parts of your experience during the HB Summer Share?
The hardest part was trying to get used to working out in the morning. I still pout a little when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am, but I enjoy getting my workout done and over with before most people have gotten out of bed. The most fun has been getting to know everyone at the studio.
What’s your favorite way to end a long week?
 A 5:45 Cara class followed by dinner or drinks on a patio with friends. I try to spend the majority of the weekend outside, but I always schedule a little quality time with my DVR on Sunday to veg out before a new week begins.
What is your favorite music to spin to?
I love throwbacks! I get really excited when a song comes on that I used to love and had forgotten about, you can’t help but pedal harder. I’m also a huge country music fan,  every now and then the girls will throw a country song into the mix and it is awesome! 
What motivates you?
Progress. When I notice myself getting better at something or doing something that I wasn’t previously able to do, it motivates me to stick with it and keep giving it my all.
What words do you live by?
Work hard, play hard!

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