#HBSummerShare Finishers!


You have made it through your first Handle Bar challenge! We loved sharing our summer with you and enjoyed seeing what you had to share… no shortage of fun with this group! Below are those who have completed the Summer Share Challenge and reached 75 points or more and earned their #HBSummerShare Tank Top! If you would like to be apart of the Summer Share Ride, (Friday at 5:45pm at both studios) email maura@handlebarcycling so she can sign you up with your complimentary class! At this special class the top three finishers will be announced and receive their complimentary month of unlimited riding! You can pick up your tank tops at this ride or a time convenient to you the following week. Once again, congratulations and thanks for sharing!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Abeille, Valerie
Ariagno, Katelyn
Blake, Jessica
Blasczyk, Melissa
Bonofilio, Jean-Marie
Caddy, Sara
Carifio, Chrissy
Casagrande, Jennifer
Castillo, Nicole
Conner, Anissa
DaGraca, Jen
Delaney, Katie
Dezak, Amanda
DiCarlo, Vanessa
Downing, Brenna
Evert, Lauren
Ferguson, Courtney
Goff, Melissa
Grozalsky, Jill
Isley, Dayna
Kovach, Alisun
Mayer, Lauren
Mellone, Erica
Meyer, Lauren
Moss, Molly
O’shea, Brittany
Oliva, Lauren
Passkiewicz, Katherine
Rebhun, Andrew
Ruggiero, Andrew
Spagnoletti, Quincy
Suk, Lois
Sullivan, Kelsey
Thompson, Catharine
Thornton, Lauren

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