Spinning Out Stress: A How-To Guide to Balancing School, Work, and a Good Sweat

by: sarah weinberg 

Boston area colleges fitness universities spinning cycling fitness

Labor Day has passed, the leaves are about to turn, and I saw over 20 people lugging couches through the streets of Boston on an 85 degree day – you all know what that means. School is back in session! In a town like Boston – where by some estimates the population swells by over 100,000 every fall thanks to the collegiate crew – we’re always super excited to welcome students into the HB family while they enjoy their time in what is arguably one of America’s best college towns. That being said, we know that the life of a Bostonite co-ed isn’t all Sox games and Frisbee on the Common. You guys are busy – busier than you have probably ever been, and for some of you, busier than you ever will be again.

I’ve been there; my senior year contained the one-two punch of an honors thesis and an internship, plus two jobs, a full-course load, and the fun of figuring out what exactly I was planning on doing with the rest of my life. Trying to cram a workout into that mess sometimes felt like an exercise in futility. But over my four years, I came up with a few tips and tricks to getting my workout in.. that I hope can help all of you!

  1. Invest in a planner

It may seem silly, but that overpriced Lily Pulitzer day planner you’ve been eyeing could make the difference between checking everything off of your to-do list and being in the weeds. Besides the fact that it’s proven that writing things down by hand (sorry iCal!) helps you remember them, having the ability to visually lay out your day can also help you find the time to fit in your workout. Here at HB, we’re super excited to have ramped up our class schedules to give you more offerings. So if that empty space is at 6 AM before the dining hall opens for breakfast or at noon right between Gen Chem and Cultural Anthro, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Give yourself a break!

Some days it probably feels like the only way to get everything done is to load up on the sugar-free Redbull and bust through 300 pages of reading all at once. But your overloaded brain will have a much harder time powering through those problem sets if you don’t give it a break every now and then. Take an hour or two to build up a sweat – a workout will give you the switch of focus and the endorphins you need to study more effectively. Plus all of those happy brain chemicals that you’re reading up on in Neuro and generating at HB will make you feel more relaxed and better able to tackle everything coming your way.

  1. Find a Friend

Working out between jobs, classes, and – oh, yeah – a social life, can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, especially at the beginning of the year when it seems like every afternoon boasts a lecture, club meeting or activity fair. Don’t be afraid to recruit your friends and have them workout with you! Having a workout buddy will help you keep your fitness commitments and ensure that you’re not neglecting your friends by the time the due date of your dreaded thesis prospectus rolls around.

I guarantee that these three simple steps will help you on your way to minimal stress throughout your fall semester! Navigating the balancing act of collegiate life can be tricky, but carving out time for yourself throughout the week for things that are fun and functional – like a killer class or three at HB – will have you feeling the burn only at the times you really want to. Good luck with the fall semester Bostonites, and we can’t wait to see you at the studio with your stellar transcript in hand soon!

P.S. We’re not kidding on the transcript. Bring in your current transcript or class schedule and we’ll give you 20% off on almost all of our packages! Now you have no excuse not to get your spin on.

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