Winging It: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Ride with Lena on Wing It Wednesdays!

Hey HBers – were request rides getting a little run-of-the-mill for you? Are you a thrill seeker looking to take your middle-of-the-week workout to the next level with an exhilarating, seat-of-your-pants riding experience? Well, Jess and Lena – two of the diabolical masterminds behind regularly ramping up your workout – have come up with a totally new kind of ride for you! Welcome to Wing It Wednesdays!

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 So you’re probably wondering…

 What exactly is Wing It Wednesday?

 According to Lena, Wing It Wednesdays are “a time to explore creativity, spontaneity, and freedom on the bike through music!” Unlike regular rides, Wing It Wednesdays will feature a song list generated by you and your bike-mates! Everyone will throw their favorite tunes into the ring, and riders will pick them out one by one throughout the class.

 Yes, you read that right. Jess is super stoked to introduce a riding experience with “full-room interaction,” where “with over 100 songs in the playlist, Lena has no clue what to expect next, making this a totally challenging and engaging ride not only for the riders, but for the instructor herself.”

 This is the class for you if you’ve been looking for a more participatory ride experience that, as Lena puts it, will “push everyone out of our comfort zones to create a ride together.” Wing It Wednesdays are the kind of rides that are guaranteed to keep you fully engaged from start to finish – “a true team effort.”

Ok, I’m sure this is all sounding pretty cool by now, but you have to be wondering exactly how this differs from a regular ride on Lena’s end of things.

Well, normally, Lena “choreographs the ride for every song,” carefully crafting your overall ride experience so that “everything ultimately fits into the bigger picture”. This way she creates a balanced ride with a particular feel. Plus, as Jess says, there’s normally “1-2 hours of careful song selection and planning” that goes in to each and every ride. All this is to say that Wing It Wednesday rides are going to require an instructor that is “creative, quick-thinking, and brave.”

 Who better for the job than Lena? Since her usual classes are “very much a relationship between rider and teacher” where “she doesn’t talk at the room” but “feels the energy there and speaks to it,” putting her at the helm of a class that requires constant improvisation and adjustment was truly a no-brainer. Or, as Jess says, since Lena’s improv-ing already, “why not give her a little bit of a challenge?”!

 But don’t worry; Lena is 100% on board! This master instructor is stoked to fly by the seat of her pants. Knowing that “the energy of the riders” will fuel her creative juices, she “just knows that together, we can crush anything.”

 So get ready to saddle up for the ride of your life, HB! We can’t wait to have you join us in discovering new tunes, bigger beats, and a totally new level of excitement.

See you at the ride – and we hope you’re ready to wing it!

by: Sarah Weinberg


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