Tap It Back: Make a Playlist from the 80s, 90s, and today!

By Sarah Weinberg

Here at the HB, we are dedicated to introducing you to awesome new tunes that will always have you chasing the beat! That being said, sometimes it’s good to leave the Billboard charts behind and put together an awesome throwback ride. Whether it’s a taste of the 90s (see the awesome pics below!) or a fierce Janet v. Madonna bar fight, sometimes it’s good to tap it back and pull out some old-school jams. Here’s a collection of old school artists to rock out to during your next workout:


Amy Winehouse – It there’s any artist who has enough soul to spare, it’s this British powerhouse. Blast Valerie to push you through your sprint or Back to Black for an epic climb.

Pink – Yes, Pink is still going strong, but it’s her original anthem, Get the Party Started that will really pump you up for your own party on a bike.

No Doubt – Before Gwen Stefani became a reality TV judge, she was the front woman of No Doubt, that awesomely funky, supremely weird group that taught you more than you’d every though you’d know about Japanese fashion trends. Hollaback Girl’s driving beat is great to time your crunches, and What are you Waiting For is just weird enough to keep you guessing through those presses.


image_1Britney Spears – Was it the pigtails? The slow revolution into weird that may have peaked when she wore all-denim outfits alongside JT? Whatever it was, we’d be remiss to leave Britney Spears off of the list. Go ahead – own Hit Me Baby One More Time as your guilty pleasure jam. We won’t tell!

Backstreet Boys/N’Sync – Boy bands – how do we choose? Let’s err on the side of caution and put the two most transformative boy bands of the 90s (sorry 98⁰) up side by side. Switch up your N’Sync rotation with a more obscure song like Space Cowboy to keep yourself guessing. Once you’ve worked up to a fast pace, slow it down and climb with a signature Backstreet Boys power ballad like I Want it That Way.

Spice Girls – Okay, I know we’ve totally skipped out on the magic that was 90s rap and rock, but I can’t be the only one who has secretly been dying for a Spice Girls themed ride! Put on Wannabe and your best set of Baby Spice pigtails to give your workout a dose of ridiculous, whimsical fun.


Journey – Ah, Journey. Before they were commandeered by a bunch of 20-somethings masquerading as high schoolers on Glee, Journey was known for more than just Don’t Stop Believing. Do them the honor of listening to some of their lesser known hits – or at least switch it up with Any Way You Want It. Their guitar riffs are guaranteed to help you push through your workout.

Gloria Estefan – At a studio where we’re all about chasing the beat, songs with driving percussion and Latin flare are always a good choice. Don’t be afraid to toss your hair and shake it jamming out to hits like Rhythm is Gonna Get You.

f2a2fca06bebb209d860d1adcba24ebfMichael Jackson – He might be the obvious choice, but the 80s were a great decade for MJ. Picking just one song to recommend from the era of Thriller and Smooth Criminal is practically impossible, but I’m throwing my hat in for Beat It. There’s nothing like the combo of drums and synth to get your blood pumping!

All right HBers, there you have it – some throwback tunes to inspire your weekly workout! Be sure to let us know what favorites we might have missed in the comments – you never know what uncovered gem might make a showing in an instructor’s playlist! Thanks for tapping back with us, and we’ll see you in the saddle very soon!

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