Welcome, Heather!

We are SO excited to announce Raising The Bar’s first ever guest blogger, Heather Foley, of Glamourous Baggage. Heather frequents The HB, but has been looking for a way to step up her fitness game. This can be tough, especially as winter slowly creeps in. Although sneaking a few 60 degree days in every now and again, winter will soon be here to stay. But with Heather’s relatable humor and motivation, you will be off the couch and into the saddle in no time, no matter the weather.
Photo courtesy of Deb McCarthy, another HB regular.

A few weeks ago over at my blog Glamorous Baggage, I talked about how my waistline has kind of gotten away from me over the past year. I talked about my waning motivation and needing to get my fitness mojo back. Next thing you know, I’m chatting with Jess from The Handle Bar about doing some health and fitness blogging for her. BOOM. Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. For me, there’s no bigger motivation to get back at it than doing some fitness blogging, since I can’t really write about it unless I do it. Now I don’t know what motivates you, but consider just reading this post a sign from the universe to kick your fitness up a notch, and believe me, The Handle Bar is the place to push yourself. Still not convinced you might need to join me in taking fitness more seriously? Well, here are a few signs you might (definitely) need to meet me at The HB:

Your favorite oversized sweatshirt is now tighter than a Kardashian bandage dress.

The last time you worked out consistently, Step Aerobics was the next big thing.

You were all excited to bust out the over the knee boots you bought last year only to find they don’t even go over your calves.

You get out of breath watching The Biggest Loser.

For all the ladies – your boobs look amazing. Every cloud has a silver lining.

You’ve eaten more than one sub in the past week. Seriously, who eats subs on the reg? Well, besides you.

You found a loose Nerd in your bathrobe pocket and you ate it, without thinking twice.

You watch My 600 Pound Life and whenever someone orders three cheeseburgers, 2 orders of chicken nuggets, and a small fry you think “What’s wrong with them? Why did they order a small?”

Do any of these sound familiar? Of course they do – you love subs! If at any point while reading this you though for even half a second that maybe you kinda sorta need to step up your game, I can pretty much guarantee you that yes, yes you do need to put a little more effort into your fitness. But that is OK! You need to step it up. I need to step it up. We all need to step it up. So what are we waiting for? Let’s step it up already! I’ll be posting here regularly, so suit up (in your workout clothes, not an actual suit) and join me, figuratively here and literally at The Handle Bar.

-Heather Foley

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