More than a moustache

movemberWho would have ever thought that a moustache, a pink ribbon, or a bucket of ice would become symbols for causes so much greater than themselves? Once everyday objects, these symbols have helped spread awareness for some of the most pressing health challenges and diseases faced worldwide. Ever since Movember began in Australia in 2003, growing a moustache has become so much more than a facial hair feat. It represents over $559 million dollars raised in awareness and prevention of prostate cancer and four million “Mo Bros” (the guys that grow moustaches during November) that have used their moustaches to start a conversation about prostate cancer and men’s health.

As The HB community, we are huge supporters of Movember. We believe that all it takes is a conversation to  get our riders, friends, husbands, and fathers thinking about their health – in terms of more than just a calorie burn. Many of our riders, family members, and friends have been affected by prostate cancer. That’s why this Wednesday, November 19, The HB is hosting a charity ride to raise money and awareness for the Movember cause (5:45pm in Fenway with Lena and 7pm in Southie with Rachel). All proceeds from the ride will go to research and prevention of diseases that impact men specifically. Riding unlimited? Don’t fret – we’ll still donate the discounted cost of your ride ($10), but we highly encourage you to give more. We’ll have a live DJ ride, a photobooth, moustache props, Georgetown Cupcakes, and a pop-up shop from oOo Tie, a Boston-based bow tie company, selling their bow ties for 20% off.

For our oOo Tie rep, Eric Stout, who will be manning the bow tie booth on Wednesday, the Movember cause hits close to home. A two-time testicular cancer survivor, Eric is an organizer and member of the local BellissiMo team, whose goal is to raise $150,000 in support of the cause this Movember. Eric is now cancer-free, but retrospectively, wishes he would have gotten checked out sooner. He uses Movember as an opportunity to encourage young men to take charge of their health and move more.

So guys, if you’ve been hesitant to give The HB a shot for fear of indoor cycling being “just a girl thing,” our Movember ride is a perfect opportunity for you to show off your ‘stache and raise awareness for your fellow Mo bros. Sign up here!

We’ll see you – and your ‘stache – in the saddle on Wednesday!

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