Commit to fit this Thanksgiving

By Falon Sweeney

TurkeyBikeIs it just me, or is the “turkey trot” – you know, the extra-long and intense workout we do on Thanksgiving morning – becoming more important than the Thanksgiving Day feast itself? Okay, okay, maybe not more important, but it certainly is becoming an integral part of the holiday for all. We plan our turkey day workouts to maximize calorie burn and minimize guilt later in the day. If you ask me, it’s kind of a no brainer.

Aside from the big feast, family, and football, Thanksgiving really is about giving thanks. We give thanks to our friends, family, and loved ones, but we often forget to be thankful for ourselves – for our healthy bodies, for showing up, for committing to our health, for life. Whether we’re happy with our physical state or are on a weight loss journey, it is crucial to recognize all that our bodies do for us.

And what better way to say thanks to our bodies than by sweating it out before the big feast? Between cooking, entertaining, and eating, Thanksgiving – and the holiday season in general – can be a time when we fall off track with our diets and exercise routines and slip into a sugar coma. Like clockwork, we wake from this coma right around January 1st. New year, new you, #amiright?

Wrong, actually. This year, I challenge you to stay on track and committed to your health and fitness, despite the temptation of the holiday season. No, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sugar cookie or an extra helping of stuffing. It just means that you are committed to staying conscious about what you’re putting into your body and how you’re treating it. So many of us – myself included – use the season as an excuse and don’t think twice about scarfing down that 4th cookie. Because we aren’t being intentional about what we put into our bodies, we fall off track, justify, and five pounds later, we’re wondering what happened to that flat stomach we had in September.

Luckily, intention is the only thing we need to prevent the guilt, the self-deprecation, and the post-holiday blues. So, starting tomorrow, make a choice to be intentional. Get up early, stick the turkey in the oven, and hit the saddle for a 75-minute endurance ride at The HB! Then take the rest of the day in stride – remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And don’t forget to indulge in a slice of pie and that well deserved nap, come 4pm.

To top it all off, start your holiday shopping early on Black Friday at The HB. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, a package or series of rides at The HB is the perfect way to show your commitment to health – yours and theirs! Use the code BlackFriday25 at checkout and receive 25% off those ride packages for one day only!

See you – and your loved ones – in the saddle! 

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