Gear up to give back – Sleigh Ride 2014

By Falon Sweeney

santaDuring the holiday season, it’s almost just as easy to forget about the duty we have to give back to our community as it is to “let ourselves go”. We often let the idea that we need to give the perfect gift, throw the perfect holiday party, or see every single in-law or high school friend, throw us off track into Grinch territory. But in reality, these ideas don’t really matter all that much. They don’t matter at all, really. Sure, we all want to be thoughtful and to make sure every thing is just right – from decorations, gift wrapping, and Christmas Day dinner. But what if we took all the energy we spend on trying to make things perfect on being thoughtful while actually making a difference in someone’s life. Instead of soaking up the compliments on your exquisite gift wrapping skills or how well you can wrap lights around a tree, what if you put the same energy towards giving to others who might not have any presents underneath their tree? I know, I know, this just screams the age-old Christmas adage’tis better to give than to receive. But despite its tired corniness, it remains true.

Making someone’s day, week, and in so many cases, year, is much more rewarding than spending hundreds of dollars on decorations and gifts that get packed away in the attic or stuffed in a closet after the snow melts. So this holiday season – even if you plan on hosting a holiday party or getting your S/O the BEST gift ever – I challenge you to give back. Whether you buy someone on the street a hot meal, volunteer at a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen, or donate to a cause you believe in, it all counts. Not only will it make things easier on someone else, but it will get you to exercise the empathy and compassion that often go missing during the holiday season.

122210_toys_for_tots_bannerAt The Handle Bar, we believe so strongly in giving back to our community, as it is you – yes, each and every one of you – that keeps our wheels spinning. We would be nothing without our network of amazing riders. So spread the love and good energy! And if you’re strapped for time or energy this holiday season, join us for our Sleigh Ride on Thursday December 18th, where you can get your giving – and your sweat! – in, all at once. In the spirit of holiday giving, we encourage riders to bring a new, unwrapped toy to the event as a donation to Toys for Tots, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve program that collects and distributes toys as holiday gifts to less fortunate children in the community. In exchange for their generosity, The Handle Bar will gift riders with a $25.00 gift card to the studio, which can be used for a future class.

The Sleigh  Ride will be lead by Cara Tramontozzi, a huge believer in giving back to the community and a huge believer in the Toys for Tots program. “Toys for Tots represents the truth that every child is cared for… and so awesome!  These children need the hope and happiness for a brighter future— and the gestures behind toys for tots can help build this.  So, its not just the gift that is important, but this power of kindness… and sending the love to all these kiddo’s during this crazy holiday season!  To take part in this Sleigh Ride is a Christmas STEAL (stealing in a good way I suppose!),” says Cara.

Immediately following the Sleigh Ride, riders will be treated to a DAVIDsTEA sampling bar, where they can try exclusive teas from the brand’s holiday 2014 collection, like the Sugar Plum Forest, a hydrating Rooibos and Sleigh Ride, an herbal medley featuring apple, candied papaya, hibiscus blossoms and more. A tea guide will be on hand to teach riders how to properly steep loose leaf tea and share coupons that can be redeemed at a one of DAVIDsTEA’s Boston-area locations.

In the spirit of giving, see you in the saddle!

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