Summer prep starts now… this week #SWEATtheHB

by: Amy Frankenthaler

Happy Spring HBers! During the long winter months, we have a tendency to put our good workout habits on hold. Its finally time to break that cabin fever and come tunneling out of our snow forts with a healthy vengeance. Before you start freaking out about bikini season, you have to remember one very important thing: You must walk before you run. We’re going to use the HB mantra to offer stepwise advice on getting and staying fit… ‘Sweat, Inspire, Transform, Raise the Bar!’

This week let’s SWEAT. We at the Handle Bar are here to help especially when it comes to helping you kick some booty! It’s amazing how far a good SWEAT will take you.. its simple but impactful. Don’t be afraid to get drenched in your next class, we promise you’ll feel powerful.

First things first, plan your week ahead. Do you know what your schedule is like for the upcoming week? Why not schedule in some HB classes, gym time, extra walking and/or running time? So let’s treat your well-being like your job and make it a priority. Schedule your SWEAT sessions like you would your work meetings and stick to your plan. You are the priority!

Here’s a question for you: During your ride are you truly challenging yourself? This week let’s challenge ourselves to dial the resistance a little further, and find that sweet spot where the rhythm meets the road and you’re barely hanging on! This is where the magic happens. Every Handle Bar instructor crafts the songs to challenge you and make you SWEAT. A big part of the experience is letting go and enjoying the ride. Let the instructor take the wheel as you close your eyes and feel the BEAT. Don’t fight the challenge, embrace it and let it drive you. Don’t just find the rhythm and stay there.. battle with every pedal stroke to better yourself. More resistance means more results.

Having trouble? Challenge a friend! Challenge us! When you know someone else is holding you accountable, you are more likely to show up, push yourself, and SWEAT more!! We challenge you to come to one additional HB class this week, go for that longer walk/run, do that extra crunch or burpee…whatever it might be, do more, SWEAT more, and be the best you… We are in this together, so let’s SWEAT together!

Have an inspiring SWEATY selfie at The Handle Bar this week? Don’t forget to tag us in it @the_handle_bar, #SWEATtheHB. Best pic wins a 5 class pack!

Sweaty Selfie

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