Living That Athleisure Life

Halley slays it as a Bar Staff Member at The Handle Bar Fenway. We look to her for the latest in style, trendy lingo, and the best selfie tactics. Follow her on Instagram.

IMG_3615Remember the days of walking to the gym in sweats and an over-sized tee with no makeup on and not one ounce of shame? Nope, me neither. Let’s be real. You plan your workout outfit the night prior. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Workout attire has become the new…attire. Period.

The lazy hume in me seeks out ways to change outfits the least number of times during the day. Preferably not at all. Since workout clothing has become so trendy and fun, it has made wearing it all day/night/next day acceptable (sometimes I shower).

If you don’t have at least five pairs of leggings in your wardrobe then you are not the basic b I thought you were. But let’s be real: You own countless pairs, including the ones with the mesh detailing, wild patterns, fluorescent colors, zippers…the works. Your sports bra collection triumphs over your normal bra collection (because who wears those) and are most likely obnoxious colors you wouldn’t typically wear IRL and have some sort of strappy intricate back. So risque. Did you just mentally confirm everything I wrote and thought I snooped through your closet before writing this? Or could we indeed be the same person?

I know you, and I get it. I know you are constantly on the hunt for the next workout-to-day-to-evening wear. Hey, me too. Luckily for us, The HB has some great new retail additions to add to your current collection. Skip the takeout orders this week, splurge on those leggings and strappy tank top and watch workout bae swoon from across the studio.


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