Chase the BEAT – Viceroy

HB Fenway’s Divya Bahl, our go-to gal for what’s up around town.

Do you have plans Friday night? I know the snow is here and it’s hard to leave your apartment, so maybe the only dance parties you’re having are on the bike at the HB.

Given that one of my favorite parts of the HB is the music, it definitely translates to my life off the bike.  I don’t club often, but I’m totally game when a fun DJ or band is in town. And what better way to kick off the long weekend than with Viceroy? He’s playing at Bijou tomorrow night (1/15)!

I saw him last year at Royale (fun fact, he was at Abbey Lane before – no guarantees he’ll be there again this year, but might be worth getting drinks at a neighboring bar before the show) and am excited to see him again. His music is high energy, dance-y and just fun – perfect for getting you out of those sweats and winter blues!

Check him out on SoundCloud – chances are you’ve heard his remixes or one of his originals. If you come, be sure to try and find me – I’ll be dancing with my hands in the air, which isn’t much different to my Sunday mornings at the HB. ☺

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