Chase the BEAT – Baeja Vu

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.36.15 PMThe Jonas snowstorm is coming and to avoid cabin fever you should definitely head to Cantab lounge tonight around 9pm.  Baeja Vu is a soul/funk hip-hop group that I assure you is worth trudging in the snow for.

If you follow HB on Snapchat (handlebarsnap get to it), you saw a glimpse into my day job at an ad agency. Working in a hyper creative field gives me the privilege of working with some very talented writers and artists – one of them being my friend Mike, who is a vocalist of the band. Over the summer I went to one of their outdoor shows and instantly became a fan-girl/groupie/#1 bae (call me what you want), inviting all my friends to future shows.

I have immense faith that they are about to blow up the Boston music scene (Halley and Erin of Fenway HB can vouch!), because with every show it gets even more packed. Each band member is extremely talented, and while I’d love to keep them a secret so I have a spot in the front row every time, I feel like I HAVE to share them with the HB fam.

So put on those boots and parka and get to the show early because it will be crowded. It’s $8 at the door. If you can’t make it, definitely check them out on SoundCloud and Facebook!  

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