HB Transformation Challenge: John Feitelberg

Ladies and gents, we’d like you to meet rider #2 of the Transformation Challenge:

John Feitelberg


Starting Weight: 217

Home-base studio: Fenway

What are you looking to get out of this challenge?

  • A lifelong love for physical fitness and personal health would be outstanding, but I’d settle for the ability to take my shirt off and look at myself in the mirror without throwing up.

What is your physical fitness background?

  • I was a mediocre high school athlete who was in mediocre shape, then I turned 18 and got a fake ID. Since then I’ve specialized in your less “traditional” physical fitness activities such as beer pong, dancing poorly, and sitting on the couch watching movies.

How do you plan to reach your 2-month goals?

  • I just recently read that Olivia Munn had herself hypnotized so she could enjoy the gym and eat healthy, that’s probably my best shot. If I can’t find a trustworthy hypnotist (harder than you’d think these days), then I’ll probably have to pay off all bartenders, candy vendors, and Dominos delivery men in the Boston area.

What’s your mantra to live by?

  • There’s no such thing as excess. Usually I’m talking about food, but I’m hoping it translates to exercise.

Some of you may recognize him as one of the humorous sports writers for Barstool Sports. Follow handlebarsnap on Snapchat to track Feitelberg’s progress as he hits the saddle this week – and say hello!

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