HB Transformation Challenge: Sean Fracalossi

Last but not least in The Challenge, please give a warm welcome back to:

Sean Fracalossi


Starting Weight: 269.8

Home-base studio: mostly Harvard Square

What are you looking to get out of this challenge?

  • A few of those unwanted L-Bs! I did the weight loss challenge last year with some great results, and decided to up the ante this year, so I mindlessly gorged myself over the holiday season, coming in hot at a robust 270 pounds.

What is your physical fitness background?

  • Played some football in college.

How do you plan to reach your 2-month goals?

  • First, got to slow the beer and burger intake. Double Big Tasty add bacon has been my achilles heel. I feel like once I suffer through enough salads I’ll stop trying to enjoy food and the diet part will fall into place. Diet with a bunch of riding during the week and I think I’ll have a good chance.

Fun Fact: Sean is the fiancé of The Handle Bar Owner, Jess Bashelor. You’ve likely seen him around supporting The HB and riding at any one of our 3 studios. Follow handlebarsnap on Snapchat to track Sean’s progress and be sure to say hi next time you see him in the saddle!

2 thoughts on “HB Transformation Challenge: Sean Fracalossi

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