John Feitelberg weighs in on The Challenge

Our three gentlemen have officially surpassed the quarter mark of the 8-week Transformation Challenge, and we are quite impressed with their results thus far.

Sean, starting weight: 269 lbs
Weight lost: 8.6 lbs

Vinny, starting weight: 268 lbs
Weight lost: 7 lbs

John, starting weight: 217 lbs
Weight lost: 6 lbs

More than two weeks in, Barstool Sports writer John Feitelberg reflects on his adventures with The HB and the surprises that have come along with it. 

If you’d asked me two weeks ago, “Hey John, how do you think you’re going to handle the quarter mark check up of the weight loss challenge?” I would have predicted something comparable to a homesick child who was sent away to sleep away camp. A sleep away camp where the kids are tortured, starved, and ridiculed for being fat.

Shockingly, that’s not the case. Exercising and not eating from a takeout bag every night actually feels pretty good. No, I swear. Stop laughing. I’m serious. This is new information to most, I’m sure we’ve got some health truthers shaking their heads at me right now, but I can’t fight the facts any longer.

I won’t deny there are downsides, as there are with everything: I get up early in the morning and am in a better mood (the only thing worse than talking to a person before 8AM is talking to one with a smile), my grandmother’s friend called me the mayor of Handsometown (back off, lady. I’m not some lean piece of meat for you to ogle), and getting ready takes much longer (turns out hiding from every mirror so you don’t have to see how fat you are really expedites the process), and I’m tearing up the dance floor every weekend (tap it back).

But aside from those obvious drawbacks, it’s going great. Keep your heads on a swivel, Boston, there’s a new mayor in the city and I’m renaming the place Handsometown.

You can follow along with John, Vinny and Sean on Snapchat (handlebarsnap), on the blog and in the bike room at any of our 3 studio locations.

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