Introducing: Meghan Rozanski

Find out why people travel from all over Boston to sweat it out with Meg.

Meg R hair

A dancer from the age of 4, Meghan has a passion for movement. She started running as a teen and fell in love with yoga after college. Meghan completed her 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification and in 2012 became certified to teach cycling. She loved the high energy of the class and her outgoing personality and love of motivating others was a perfect fit.

Meghan believes that, above all things, exercise should be fun. She embodies a light energy and fun spirit in a challenging class meant for all levels.


How did you get involved in health and wellness? What do you love about it?

Sweat is like liquid gold to me.

My dad was big on exercise and used to take my sister and I to the gym when we were barely out of diapers. I remember getting excited to pour him a big glass of ice water after he’d come back from a run in the summer and I thought being able to go to the gym with him was the best thing ever.

The coolest thing about fitness is there is something for everyone and it always makes you feel better.


What is something most people don’t know about you?

Number one: My childhood dream was to become an aerobics instructor, and number two: I have to have dessert before I go to bed.


What are words you live by?

Love yourself, say nice things, choose happiness and if you don’t like your life, CHANGE IT. Every moment is a chance to start fresh and it’s never too late.


If you could describe your class in 3 words, what would they be?

Fun, sweaty and challenging!

Catch Meg’s infectious energy in her classes at Fenway, Harvard Square, and soon, South Boston.

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