Feitelberg Breaks the Spin Glass Ceiling

John Feitelberg and the rest of the Transformation Challenge gang only have one week left to crush their goals. 

While trimming down and getting healthier has for sure been important to them, the guys have learned some other valuable lessons about self betterment and self-confidence. Not always easy when in a room full of 40 people, you’re pretty outnumbered. Here, Feitelberg shares his take on spinning with the bros and the revolution they’ve unofficially started.

There are very few things that a normal human would consider “funny” about a spin class. It’s fun, sure, but not funny. That extra -ny is important. A spin class is exhausting, sweaty, hot, loud, fun, exhausting, and exhausting, but it ain’t often funny.

Except for the beginning of class. Before class starts and the lights are still on, shining down and judging you (me) for being fat, there is some humor to be found. That humor is in the gender make-up of the class. Ninety five percent female is funny enough, but it becomes hysterical when you realize that most every guy is hiding in the shadows. We’re in the back row of the side bar, buried in a corner like the dirty laundry you hide when company is coming over. We’re all adults, yes, but we’re also not. We’re larger bodies but still at a middle school dance, afraid to let the girls see us have fun and shake that ass (can I say ass? Whatever, I said it). Three times this very week I’ve been within high-five distance of every person that possesses a Y chromosome.

But no longer, ladies. The decision has recently been made that it’s time for our coming out party, you females have oppressed us for far too long. I’ve recently moved from the very back row of the side bar to the second row, quite the leap, I know, and everyone’s getting a good look at my moneymaker. I’m switching my mentality from the pre-pubescent boy who’s embarrassed to let a girl see him two step to the drunk college kid who dances like no one is watching. Which is worse? We’re about to find out.

Follow John Feitelberg’s latest musings on Twitter and Barstool Sports, and be sure to high-five him next time you see him in the saddle.

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