Love Our Hood: Fenway Eats

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.36.15 PMRead up to discover Divya’s local food options for when *spring rolls* around.

Let’s be real – you know we spin for those Tasty Burgers and Dim Sum. While I love a spinach smoothie (no lie, I make these on the reg after those rooster rides) I’m really going HAM on the bike so I can indulge guilt-free.  

Weekly dinners are the norm with the HB staff – often after an evening ride or shift. So despite low temps, we’re turning up the heat with our favorite Asian hot-spots.

Here’s the DL on where to go for what occasion in Fenway:

Go for: Catching up w/ friends

1338 Boylston Street

This is my go-to neighborhood spot when I want fresh, tasty sushi on any given night. A local establishment that has been around for years, the staff is super friendly and always welcoming. Whether it’s getting a healthy post-spin dinner or pre-gaming with their sake-bomb kit, Basho is a dependable choice for great food and service sans the side-eye when you’re dropping your sake into your Sapporo. My favorites: The steamed pork buns as an app and the Yuzu Yellowtail for sushi.

Go for: Dinner before a night out

Tiger Mama
Southeast Asian
1363 Boylston Street

photo by The Improper Bostonian.

Walk into this restaurant and for a second it feels like you’ve been transported somewhere tropical. It’s totally appropriate for high heels and that jumpsuit you don’t wear nearly enough. Celebrity chef Tiffany Faison opened this upscale Asian-fusion spot last winter. Whether you’re coming here with your squad before a night out or date night, there are an array of options on this Asian tapas menu. The crispy chili potatoes and lamb roti do not disappoint – and cocktails while pricey, are tasty and beautifully made.

Go for: A Celebration

1271 Boylston Street

Looking for a fun, vibrant scene to celebrate a birthday, promotion or end of finals? Head to Hojoko in the Verb Hotel. The drinks are tasty and festive. The food is adventurous (Brains on Crack is a real menu item – but so is Crispy Shrimp with truffle salt) and served in small plates for easy sharing. Go-to cocktail: the Rabba Rabba. Bonus: If you want to have some fun with your friends, order the wasabi roulette and cross your fingers you don’t end up with the sushi roll filled with wasabi!

Go for: Take-out

Rod Dee II
94 Peterborough

Just behind the HB is this mom-and-pop, cash-only restaurant that is great for those nights you are too lazy to cook and want some authentic pad-thai under $10. Call your order in as you’re leaving spin and it’ll likely be ready by the time you walk over to pick it up. If you’re not into noodles, the panang curry is also amazing.  

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