Fenway Studio Closure FAQ

The Fenway studio will be closed from Monday, May 16th through Friday, May 20th. Please read on for Q&A’s relating to studio news, account issues and more!

1) This stinks! Why is the Fenway studio closing from May 16th-20th?
Ugh, we know! Our classes produce a lot of sound. This sound has been traveling through our ceiling and into the apartment of our upstairs neighbor. Our landlord has decided to increase the insulation in the ceiling above our studio to solve this problem. The construction will take 5 days.

2) Will you be hosting any classes at all during this time?
Our normal schedule is completely cancelled. But we will be hosting 1 free class per day at 6pm. This class will be an open-air ride in front of the studio!

3) Cool! I want to take as many of those free classes as possible, is that ok?
Unfortunately my friend, no. We have to limit these bikes to one per-person for the whole week. At only 15 bikes per class and 5 classes total… we want to give fair opportunity to our rider community to take part in this special series.

4) Hey… I have a month unlimited that I just bought yesterday. What gives?
Not to worry, we expect this will impact many of our riders and we plan to fix it for you. Simply email info@handlebarcycling.com and our management team will look at your account and put an extension on your membership to make up for the lost days.

5) My month unlimited runs out this week and I usually buy another one right away… what should I do?
We recommend that you hold off on purchasing the month unlimited until after the studio re-opens. We have created special discount offerings (see question 8) to get you through the next few days so that you don’t have to stop riding. Check out our Fenway Special 5 and 10 packs. If you really really want to start a month unlimited before the 16th… that’s OK. Just purchase the package and follow the instructions in question 4 to process an extension.

6) I usually ride at Harvard Square or Southie, but sometimes I ride in Fenway. What can you do for me?
We ask that you consider our team and management during this complicated time. Please use your current membership to ride in Southie or Harvard Square for the week of the 16th-20th. The package extensions and specials are intended for people who are only able to ride in Fenway.

7) My 5,10,20,or 40 class package is expiring soon and this puts a wrench in my plans to use the classes. What do I do?
Email info@handlebarcycling.com and we will extend the expiration on your package by 1 week.

8) I’m really bummed, is there anything else you can do to cheer me up?

Yes! We have created two seriously discounted deals for our Fenway riders. From now until May 20th, you can snag a 5 Pack for $85 or a 10 pack for $165.. the 5 pack expires 2 months after purchase and the 10 pack expires 4 months after purchase. These classes may only be used at the Fenway studio.  Follow the links above to purchase!

Any additional questions should be directed to our management team at info@handlebarcycling.com

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