Solstice Ride: DJ BREK ONE

It’s up to the DJ to get a crowd out of their heads and into their bodies. How do you do that? The beat is the name of the game.

brek one

On Monday night, The Handle Bar, Red Bull and one of Boston’s hottest DJs, Brek One, will be bringing the city’s heart rates up song by song in the middle of the Financial District’s Dewey Square.

We’re celebrating the longest day of the year by getting outside, enjoying the open air and doing what we love – getting out of our heads and pushing ourselves physically to the sickest beats you can find. We will put on a 50-bike open air ride amidst the hustle and bustle of South Station and celebrate our love for good health and physical fitness, with instructors Jess Bashelor and Sarah Coppinger leading the charge. Along with the ride, The Handle Bar team will be raffling off prizes (like class packs!) to visitors who stop by the event between 5:30pm-7:30pm. Free that night? COME HANG.


Thanks to Red Bull, we have a prominent figure in the Boston music scene taking us on an adrenaline-pumped ride Monday night. DJ Brek One has been a leading music tastemaker for years, has toured with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki, and has taken on the role of music brand ambassador at the renowned W Boston hotel, among other accomplishments. His creativity and love for the arts is clear after just one conversation or a few minutes of watching him run it behind the turntables.

On Monday night, we are beyond stoked to introduce you to a collaborative mix inspired by Brek One’s, Jess’s and Sarah’s passion for music and SICK BEATS.

To hear a sample of Brek’s mixes, give him a listen on SoundCloud, or just wait for the real deal Monday evening.

Not signed up for the ride? NO SWEAT. Between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, drop by Dewey Square right outside South Station to feel the energy of the night (just follow the music…), enter to win HB prizes and celebrate the Summer Solstice with Boston’s finest.

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