Goodbye Allie!


In a new The Handle Bar series, instructors are opening up about how they get pumped up for class — and exactly what they’re doing before they’re on the stage in front of you. From their go-to snacks to the little-known rituals that keep them going, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite HB leaders.

Up next: Allie McGrath. Though she may be moving away from Boston soon, she will always be a valued part of our HB family! Here is a sneak peek into her pre-spin rituals, as well as some reflections on her time at The Handle Bar.

On pre-class eats..

Before my 6 a.m. class, I’m a coffee-only kind of gal. Anyone who can show up to a 6 a.m. class without caffeine in their system is a superhero. Before my 7 p.m. classes I’ll usually eat yogurt or cereal around 5 p.m. to hold me over. I’m really glad that Pavement stops serving bagels before I get to the Fenway around 6:30 p.m.Trust me — I’ve asked!

On a go-to pump-up song …

There are so many! If you’ve taken my class recently you probably know that it’s “Fix My Name” which is a Coldplay/Destiny’s Child mash-up. So many emotions in one five-minute song.

On warming up …

A big part of my warm up is focused on talking to our riders about their days. It’s important to me to hear how their days are going; it helps me set a tone and intention for the ride. From there, I’m into the bike room where the blood will pump once the beats begin to flow through the speakers.  

Allie in Fenway

On something you may not know about her …

I have severe anxiety about sleeping through my alarm for my Friday morning classes so I usually set three alarms on Thursday night. Knock on wood, this has always worked! I’m kind of dramatic about saving time in the morning, so I’ll sleep in the clothes that I’m going to teach class in. I read that Kim Kardashian does it. I stole the idea from her, okay?!

On her favorite moment as instructor…

This is such a difficult question! There are so many great “in-class” moments that usually revolve around me saying something really awkward. (If you’ve taken my class you know what I’m talking about.) Thus, my favorite moment would be when I finally realized that embracing your imperfections is a good thing. When I first started teaching I wanted a class to run flawlessly but that’s not real life! When I embraced my failings, I started to feel more connected with our riders because I was being myself. This is something that I will carry in and out of the bike room forever.

Allie in Southie

On her advice to new HB riders…

We are so lucky to have three locations within the Boston area. Take advantage of them! Try new instructors and different time slots. I’ve learned so much from our team because our skill set is so broad and unique.

On her biggest lesson learned at HB…

Chase your dreams. Teaching spin has been a goal of mine since I started taking classes after college. After sitting on that dream for years I finally did something about it and auditioned at the HB. Things didn’t come easy and I auditioned twice before getting accepted to the training program but it wouldn’t be a goal if it just landed in my lap!


On her last message to her loyal HB riders…

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet each of you. You’ve all become my family- at times I’ve seen you more than my husband!

Thank you for inspiring me each day. I’m going to carry a piece of you with me during the move and am already looking forward to my next trip back to Boston. Until we meet again, keep crushing it in and out of the saddle. xoxo

Allie’s final class at the HB will be Tuesday August 30th at 7pm Fenway. Grab a saddle and to be a part of her epic send off!

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