HB Summer Share Wrap Up!

Congrats to all #HBSummerShare Participants!
You completed the 10 week challenge!

It was not an easy task, but you did it. Give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of what you have accomplished.

We hope you’ve enjoyed sharing your summer with us.. because you have made ours unforgettable! SummerShare riders have worked together to finish a staggering 4,380 rides in just 10 short weeks. Along the way, we’ve snagged some great pics, posts and quotes that highlight how special this ‘Summer Worth Sharing’ really was.

A big congrats to our top 3 riders who blew us away with their commitment.

  1. Tom Young with 139 rides

  2. Kristen Murphy-Cormier with 135 rides

  3. Maryanne Galvin with 123 rides

For all those who hit the goal of 50 rides, congrats! That is no small feat…Averaging 5 rides every 7 days must have kept you sweaty, happy and firm this summer! We will be emailing all those who have reached the 50 ride mark with more information on water bottle pick up. Now that we have the final count, the Camelbak water bottles are in production.

Continue to achieve your goals throughout the year- don’t stop because the challenge is over. There is always a future version of yourself who is grateful for today’s hard work.

See you in the studio soon,

Until next year HBSummerSharers!

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