My Pre-Spin Routine: Jess D



In My Pre-Spin Routine, instructors open about how they get pumped up for class — and exactly what they’re doing before they’re on the stage in front of you. From their go-to snacks to the little-known rituals that keep them going, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite HB leaders.

Up next: Jess DuHaime.

On pre-class eats …

In the mornings my favorite fuel is avocado toast. I toast Ezekiel bread and top it with avocado slices, salt, and pepper — it’s healthy, delicious, and everything my body needs before leading a ride. An apple with almond butter is my go-to snack before afternoon or evening classes. The carbs from the apple and the protein from the nut butter are ideal pre-spin energy.

On how she warms up …

I love to walk to The Handle Bar studio. I live about a mile from the South Boston studio. Before I became an instructor I would walk to every class (even in the snow!). I use this as my daily meditation time to unwind, unplug, and disconnect from the rush of life. If I don’t have time to walk (or if I’m teaching in Fenway or Harvard Square), I usually play a sweet jam in the bike room and dance, leap, skip, or hop around while testing my microphone sound. It’s always funny when someone walks in and I’m mid-dance partying alone to Celine Dion! #shameless


On her fave workout gear …

I absolutely love my Lululemon leggings and own about 50 pairs in different colors. My favorite styles are the High Times Pant and Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise. These high waisted styles are great. I don’t have to worry about my pants falling down mid-tap back and I can wear cute crop tops with them!

On any strange rituals …

Before every class I drink caffeine and french braid my hair. My usual caffeine source is coffee, but sometimes I treat myself with a sugar-free Red Bull for some extra pizazz. A wide headband keeps sweat out of my eyes and my hair stays in the french braid (and out of my face!) even during wild choreography.


On her go-to pump-up song …

If I had to choose one, it would be “Tripping Billies” by Dave Matthews Band. It’s about friends hanging on the beach, being carefree, and living in the moment — some of my favorite things.

On finding motivation …

I’m generally a pretty positive and enthusiastic person, but The Handle Bar riders are my motivation whenever I’m feeling off. Showing up to class can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the days get shorter and weather gets colder. When I was a HB rider, the instructors had a magical way of banishing negative feelings. I always left feeling incredible. I feel extremely fortunate to now be an instructor with the opportunity to re-create that magic. Remembering that riders are looking to me for inspiration instantly shakes off any ‘can’t do it’ feelings. I can get in the saddle and spread some HB magic.


On advice to new HB riders …

Don’t give up! You never know what incredible things you’re capable of until you try. Even if rides or moves are challenging, keep coming back. You will transform both mentally and physically. If you’re struggling to find motivation, get to know fellow riders, staff, and instructors; or bring a friend to try a class. These connections will motivate you and keep you accountable. Stay positive, let loose, and most importantly have fun!

On her favorite part about HB …

The spectacular Handle Bar community! The first time I checked in for a class in South Boston I could sense that there was something special and unique about The Handle Bar. I felt like the staff were my oldest friends, the riders all seemed excited to be there, and the positive energy motivated me to keep pushing — even as my sweat formed a pool under my bike. Instead of just completing a workout, I left feeling revitalized and inspired to come back for more. The positive vibes at The Handle Bar are truly contagious. I love connecting with the kick-ass humans around me.


Check out our schedule and grab a saddle with Jess today!

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