Winter Wear with Halley

The holidays are rolling in and so is the colder weather! How do you keep your chic look without freezing your buns off? We’ve got Fenway front desk favorite Halley here with some winter fashion advice!

From behind the desk at Fenway, street style is the main attraction…at least for me!  I am constantly scoping out our neighbors and visitors for new wardrobe inspo.  Jess if you’re reading this, I am working as well I promise! Just for someone who’s favorite past time is people watching, I have learned to multi-task pretty well. 😉

So as the brutal Boston winter rolls in..I am sure you are looking for new ways to re-vamp your usual puffer jacket this season. Perhaps when you are headed for a class (on a Saturday morning at Fenway I might add), throw on a long sleeve graphic tee over your workout tank, layer with a chunky sweater or some faux fur and you’ll be ready to join your friends for a post spin brunch in the city!

Look 1: The “Bike to Brunch”



Look 2: The “Just Rolled Out of Bed”



Look 3: The “Coffee Date”



Which look is your favorite? Rock one of these three as your bop your way through Boston!


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