Our Community: Why we ride

The world is so busy these days, it can be tough to sync up with one friend’s schedule on a regular basis, let alone FIVE. Riders Jess, Emily, Lily, Nathan and Sam manage to hold each other accountable and show up to ride week after week together. Their dedication and commitment inspires us on the daily. And when one of them isn’t there, you can be sure they call the other out on it.

We sat down with them to find out what drives them to stick to their workout goals together and individually, and what ultimately brings them back to The Handle Bar again and again.


Nathan recently completed a few personal challenges of his own, including a 20 classes in 10 days endeavor. When it got tough toward the end, he found motivation in positive reinforcement from the HB team.

“The last day I was ready to quit…and then I’d see [my instructors] who would say ‘Come on, you’re almost there!’ and got encouraging messages from them. It was great to have the support from everybody.”

Inspiration beyond the bike room.

Jess shared that sometimes, the message from the instructor sticks with her well after the 45 minutes in class.

“There was a class right around the New Year…Sarah Maguire said, ‘think about what happened last year and what you want to do in 2017, and think about what you want to do differently, what you want to keep the same,’ and so on. A lot of times the things that the instructors are saying…it really, really hits home. We take that out of class.”

The best stress reliever.

One of the best parts for Emily is knowing as soon as class starts, the distractions are left at the door.

“When you enter the room, you forget about anything you are stressed out about. Our jobs can be very stressful, as anyone’s is. When you walk into a class, you are completely taken away from that. Any stress, work, life, it’s all gone for 45 minutes to an hour. It’s addictive.”

A new perspective.

Similar to Jess, Sam loves the refreshed sense he feels right after a class, where he often sees life from a different, more positive perspective.

“It helps me observe things in a different light, where I can re-prepare to tackle things that I maybe felt I wasn’t equipped to take on before.”

Positive vibes and a commitment to raising the bar just a little bit every day. That’s all it takes.

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