Introducing HBSummerShare 2017

There is something about the start of summer, that makes us feel alive. Something warm and familiar, with infinite possibilities. Here at The HB, we have a feeling that 2017 is special. And that this summer is a time for transformation and new beginnings.

Introducing an all new HBSummerShare. 12 weeks of unlimited riding. A season-long competition with strategic gameplay. And one unforgettable summer worth sharing! Oh… and our grand prize rider will win a curated, all inclusive trip for 2 to the Mexican Riviera.

Buy HB Summer Share at the early bird rate of $499

On May 20th, price jumps to $599 – get it early!

How to Play:

  • Riders who purchase our HBSummerShare package will enter the competition. The package is valid for unlimited riding from Sunday, June 4th through Saturday, August 26th.
  • Using their HBSummerShare Gameboard, riders cross off squares as they are completed. There are 10 squares in a given week. Eight ‘Ride Squares’ and Two ‘Experience Squares’.
  • At the beginning of each week we will unveil a mystery experience square. This is an additional opportunity to earn points.
  • To cross off an experience square, just capture a photo of the experience on instagram and use the hashtag #HBsummershare.
  • When you have crossed off 65 squares on your gameboard, you will qualify for the raffle to win the grand prize. For every square over 65 you complete, you will qualify again. (Ex: if you complete 85 squares by the end of the summer, you’ll submit your gameboard and your name will be entered into the raffle 20 times.)
  • At the end of the competition riders submit their gameboards for fact-checking and raffle entry by The Handle Bar team.
  • Our winners will be drawn on Labor Day via live instagram video. 4 names will be drawn.. 4 prizes below.


  • A dinner for two and tickets to an evening comedy show at CAPO Restaurant and Supperclub in South Boston
  • Dinner for two at Citizen Public House  in Fenway
  • A Chef’s Tasting for 2 at Waypoint in Harvard Square
  • An all expenses paid, 3 night, 4 day trip for 2 to the Mexican Riviera. Our travel agent will contact the winner after the drawing to plan a personalized resort experience.

Fine Print

  • You must purchase the HBSummerShare package to participate in the challenge.The same policies apply to our HBSummerShare package as our Monthly Unlimited Package: 2 rides/day max, $15 no-show and late cancel penalty.
  • Ride squares and experience squares have the same value.
  • You can only cross off one ride square per day. (It is impossible to complete all 8 ride squares in a week)
  • If you do not have instagram, you can complete experience squares by sending us an email with the photo ( If you choose this route, all of your experience submissions must be done via email.
  • You keep track of your rides and experiences and mark them off on your gameboard. Don’t lose your gameboard! You must submit your gameboard by no later than August 27th to be fact-checked and included in the raffle.
  • Some blackout dates apply to the vacation prize, but we will ask you to provide 3 dates for our travel agent to choose from, we aim to be as accommodating as possible while planning your resort experience!

Happy riding and good luck!

Buy HB Summer Share at the early bird rate of $499

On May 20th, price jumps to $599 – get it early!

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