Off The Bike Beats

Fresh beats might fuel us through a 45-minute session in the saddle, but what do HB instructors listen to off the bike? We asked instructors and staff from Southie, Fenway, and Harvard Square to share their favorite artists. Here, what’s in the ear buds when they’re not on the bike.



“I’m a Pop Punk fan through and through. I played guitar and sang in bands for several years in high school and college and that was my music of choice—high energy, melodic, and fun. I could get lost in it and take my mind off of my problems; mostly girls. They were also great for teaching myself to play guitar—all hail the power chord. I can listen to them at anytime and feel nostalgic and energized; great for getting the day started or while I’m running. The album Cycles is song for song one of their best and just a solid album all around. It’s all killer no filler as they say.”

Post Malone

“In my older age, I’ve really been enjoying artists and music with more of an R&B vibe—music that’s soulful and maybe a little slow with heavy beats. I really like the Post Malone album Stoney. It reminds me a lot of The Weeknd’s Trilogy, which I also love.”


“The album SweetSexySavage is also on rotation. I think she’s amazing. Her lyrics are pretty blunt, but she’s raw and a great singer. She’s got this subtle rasp in her voice; it’s really lovely. She’s also a badass and I love the beats on the album.”


“My favorite artists are kind of across the board. I have headphones in nearly 24/7 and what I’m listening to is a direct reflection of what I’m doing. When I’m at work, I like a lot of mellow music: it’s a lot of Father John Misty, Leon Bridges, the 1975, or whatever is on my ‘Discover Weekly.’”

“When I’m running around Boston, I almost always have Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, or Chance the Rapper playing, all of whom can put an extra spring in my step. Also, Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar have been on every workout playlist I’ve ever created because I feel powerful when I listen to them.”


Florence + The Machine

“She’s incredibly talented, and has a magical presence live…I’ve seen her four times, on every tour she’s been on. Her music varies in sounds, emotions, and feelings, so she easily fits in to whatever mood I might be in. All the feels, all the time. I try find any excuse to play her on the bike too.”


Joshua Radin

“He sings and plays the guitar with a heart of gold. He has a serenading voice that can soothe any bad day or even help get your day started.”

Dave Matthews Band

“They are one of my all time favorites. I could play those guitar jams all day long. I listen to them walking to work or just grinding getting school work done.”


Bon Iver

“His music is dreamy and takes me to another place! His songs are like a misty summer morning when the fog is thick and all you can hear is the sound of your own footsteps and the trickle of distant running water. The lyrics are poetic and figurative so they seem to be relatable to anything/everyone. While I wouldn’t play his music in spin class, I definitely listen to it to get inspired.”


Rascal Flatts

“Off the bike, I listen to country music which is a total switch from the pop music when on the bike! Their music makes me feel inspired. Each song has its own message that is relatable to everyday situations. I usually listen on the commute to work to get some inspiration for the day.”


Vince Staples

“His beats get stuck in my head and I get obsessed. I actually do sneak him into my playlists from time to time.”

Frank Ocean

“All. The. Feels.”

Anderson Paak

“He was one of my favorite artists to listen to last year. Still is. But I was crazed about his Malibu album last year.”

Jessie Reyez

“She doesn’t have a ton of music yet but what I’ve heard, I’m hooked. She’s not afraid to show a little crazy, and that’s why I like her.”

Leon Bridges

“Because River. And everything else he does.”


“I’m a big ol’ sap when it comes to music off the bike. Recently I’ve been loving Lady Gaga, The Cure and Paparazzi (live piano version); Camilla Cabelo, Crying in the Club; Demi Lovato, Stone Cold; Ariana Grande, Everyday. Also low-key love the teeny-boppers like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony (love the songs Touch by Little Mix and The Life by Fifth Harmony). I never play this type of music in my classes. I’m so used to being about high-intensity, loud and outgoing in public, that when I’m listening to music it’s my chance to really feel.”


Dave Matthews Band

“My older brother took me to their concert at Madison Square Garden when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been in love ever since. The talented artists in the band play numerous individual instruments that blend beautifully together to create incredible, dynamic melodies, and I am always fascinated when seeing and hearing it unfold live on a stage. When a DMB song comes on I feel pure happiness and good vibes because I’m instantly reminded of the wonderful times shared with friends at their concerts.”


The Chainsmokers

“The Chainsmokers’ debut album has hit after hit to which I have found myself listening to on Spotify on repeat. I have to give a shout out to Sarah Maguire who did a ChainsmokerS album release ride that left me wanting to listen to their songs 24/7. The songs have great beats and also have lyrics with some deep meaning (especially if you are going through a break up/major life change).”

Old Dominion

“Now that the weather is getting nicer, I always need a little country music in my life. Old Dominion instantly puts me in a good mood and is definitely a group that I like to listen to on the beach, on a run, or blasting it in the car.”


Harry Styles

“Don’t write this one off right away if you aren’t into boy bands. It has way more depth than his 1D days. It isn’t great spin music (I have tried) but it is great driving/working music. and if you weren’t already in love with Harry, you will be, I promise.”

Betty Who

“Tons of spin and non-spin tunes. Actually I like all of her songs. I haven’t found one I don’t like yet.”

Chance the Rapper

“All around fantastic.”

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