More than a moustache

movemberWho would have ever thought that a moustache, a pink ribbon, or a bucket of ice would become symbols for causes so much greater than themselves? Once everyday objects, these symbols have helped spread awareness for some of the most pressing health challenges and diseases faced worldwide. Ever since Movember began in Australia in 2003, growing a moustache has become so much more than a facial hair feat. It represents over $559 million dollars raised in awareness and prevention of prostate cancer and four million “Mo Bros” (the guys that grow moustaches during November) that have used their moustaches to start a conversation about prostate cancer and men’s health.

As The HB community, we are huge supporters of Movember. We believe that all it takes is a conversation to  get our riders, friends, husbands, and fathers thinking about their health – in terms of more than just a calorie burn. Many of our riders, family members, and friends have been affected by prostate cancer. That’s why this Wednesday, November 19, The HB is hosting a charity ride to raise money and awareness for the Movember cause (5:45pm in Fenway with Lena and 7pm in Southie with Rachel). All proceeds from the ride will go to research and prevention of diseases that impact men specifically. Riding unlimited? Don’t fret – we’ll still donate the discounted cost of your ride ($10), but we highly encourage you to give more. We’ll have a live DJ ride, a photobooth, moustache props, Georgetown Cupcakes, and a pop-up shop from oOo Tie, a Boston-based bow tie company, selling their bow ties for 20% off.

For our oOo Tie rep, Eric Stout, who will be manning the bow tie booth on Wednesday, the Movember cause hits close to home. A two-time testicular cancer survivor, Eric is an organizer and member of the local BellissiMo team, whose goal is to raise $150,000 in support of the cause this Movember. Eric is now cancer-free, but retrospectively, wishes he would have gotten checked out sooner. He uses Movember as an opportunity to encourage young men to take charge of their health and move more.

So guys, if you’ve been hesitant to give The HB a shot for fear of indoor cycling being “just a girl thing,” our Movember ride is a perfect opportunity for you to show off your ‘stache and raise awareness for your fellow Mo bros. Sign up here!

We’ll see you – and your ‘stache – in the saddle on Wednesday!

The Handle Bar Fenway Grand Opening Weekend!

Raising the Bar with a SECOND location

The word is out – we are SO excited to celebrate our Fenway studio Grand Opening this weekend! In just short of a year, and with the help of our riders, team, and friends.. we have created something very special in this incredible city. We have formed a community of people with all different backgrounds, goals, and motivations. A community who inspires us with their love for music, a kick-ass workout, and a great time. Because after all, a ride at The HB is a #PartyOnABike.

Watching our community grow from a small collection of new riders in June… to a now a mix of regulars and newbies – young and old – has been truly inspiring. It’s what motivates our team to get up in the morning – teach class, work the desk, man the blog, create playlists until the wee hours of the night… and just maintain all the behind the scenes work that keeps The Handle Bar what it is. Without your passion for music, sweating it out, and letting it all go, the HB would not be growing from one home to two.

At our Fenway location, we’ll continue to provide the bikes, the music, and the workout, but it is YOU—our riders – who have the power that has and will continue to grow this community. We hope to see MANY new faces this weekend as we take on another part of the city with its own charm and spunk.

Join us this weekend for our Grand Opening celebration.  

Even if you’re not riding, stop in to tour the studio and meet the team!

 Grand Opening copy


Who Raised the Bar in January?

Leah Triplett!

Riding with us since August, Leah has become quite the HB regular. Never having had a gym membership, Leah has found her niche here at The Handle Bar. She is here most days for the midday classes, but you can sometimes catch her at one of Elise’s evening rides. Like many of our other riders, Leah rides with us to relieve stress. She has been able consistently maintain a balance between goal setting and stress relief, all while having a great time with her fellow riders at the HB. We couldn’t be more excited to call you our rider of the month, Leah! Keep raising that bar!

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your journey been like with spinning?
Before getting into spinning, I was a pretty itinerant exerciser. I would get really into yoga for a couple months before getting bored and dropping it. Before trying spin for the first time, I was pretty into running. It wasn’t until this summer, when The Handle Bar opened, that I really got hooked on spinning, however. I’m really excited that I’ve been able to stay so consistent with spinning for so long withHandle Bar–it’s really a first for me and working out. Spinning is a total physical and mental workout for me, and I love it.
How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

Spinning is a great part of my day! I always sign up for classes in advance, which makes it basically impossible to flake out. If something comes up during the week and I have to cancel a class, I always reschedule it. I love that most classes are only 45 minutes because that’s such a crazy manageable time…it’s less than an hour! If I can’t find an hour in my day to make it to spinning for myself, I’m too busy.

 Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

I started coming to The Handle Bar because it’s location is so convenient for me. But I keep coming to studio because the classes incorporate a perfect amount of strength-training into an intense cardio workout. As someone who has always been a little intimidated by big gyms and group exercise, I love how you can make each class your own while still being energized and motivated by the group. The lights and music get you into a ‘zone,’ and being apart of the group pushes you to go further than you think you can go.

What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

I’ve been off and on yoga for years. Yoga is great, but I tend to get bored or burned-out on it. I’ve never had a gym membership. I really enjoy a nice, long run in the spring and summertime.

What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

Class at The Handle Bar helps me relieve a ton of stress, and it totally centers me! Also, I could barely (and I mean barely) make it through the bar work when I first started coming to the studio. I can ALMOST get through arms without resting now, and it’s definitely my goal each class make it through without pausing once.

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

A beer or a glass of prosecco with friends.

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

That’s such a tough question! Honestly, I’ve never left the studio feeling like I didn’t get an amazing, full-body workout. But if I had to decide on a favorite class, it would be a four-way tie between rides with Jess, Erin, Lena & Ali.

What is your favorite music to spin to?

I like all kinds of music for spinning, but I gotta say I love a class that brings back some 80s or 90s goodness.

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I had used bike shoes before The Handle Bar, but I must admit I was not sold on them at all. Now I would not even think of taking a class without clipping in – it’s just not the same.

What motivates you?
Achieving my personal best.
What words do you live by?
 A goal without a plan is just a dream!

Definitely not a ‘girl thing’

A guy’s perspective on the total-body, rhythm-driven cycling classes at The Handle Bar.

From high school & college athlete to avid spinner.

By: Joseph Chambrello


High School Training

As my twenties pass me by faster than I’d like, I’m always looking for effective ways to stay healthy and fit. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t get easier with age. In high school, I was required to train constantly for whatever sport was in season, and maintain that shape in the offseason. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t play. I wanted to play, so this necessity of training became such a routine – a lifestyle really – that it began to come naturally. Strength training, resistance training, aerobic/cardio training, etc. – I did all of it.

I took comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone in my training. My teammates were in the trenches with me, working their ass’s off to achieve a common goal. We wanted to perform at the highest individual level to ultimately have success as a team. There was a sense of accountability with each player and a natural desire to challenge each other as well as yourself. That’s what I miss the most about the concept of training – the end game. I miss the camaraderie I had with my teammates and the rewards that came as a result of the hard work.

College Training

As we all moved on from high school sports, most of us realized we weren’t going to be competing in organized athletics at the next level. Even if we played organized sports in college, we understood that we probably wouldn’t be moving on to play professionally. The thought of not playing in another game that “means something” is a tough pill to swallow. Naturally, there is a transition period. We still maintained the baseline of athleticism and skill that we worked all those years to develop and certainly still possessed our competitive nature. Only now, we had a different platform and different reasons to execute them.

Many of the aforementioned feelings and desires were satisfied playing intramural sports. We all wanted to compete for that coveted t-shirt, and enjoyed the camaraderie and competition along the way. Perhaps our motivation to training and staying in shape was to increases our chances with the girls. Maybe we were just determined to prove that we wouldn’t gain the freshmen 15. Either way, we all had enough incentive in those years to work out and stay in shape, in some capacity.

Before I continue, if you are someone that didn’t grow up participating in athletics, training, or daily exercise in general, but decided to pick it up later on or recently (for any number of your own reasons) the below applies to you as well.

Life Training

Training, working out, exercise, whatever you want to call it, is harder to do now – it just is. There aren’t quite the same motivations to pull from, and there certainly isn’t the same amount of free time. Many of us are working full time jobs, and have other priorities and responsibilities in our lives. That being said, it can absolutely be done (rule number 76: no excuses, play like a champion). I admit and agree that the gym routine gets old. You feel like you can only “switch up” the routine so many times to challenge yourself and work different muscles before you end up circling back. The thing is, most of the time, you really are working by yourself. It’s tough enough setting aside daily exercise time without relying on others to join you — motivation is lost, laziness sets in. NO EXCUSES.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I’m always looking for new ways to maintain my health and fitness. In order to do this, I knew I’d have to open myself up to new avenues. One of the avenues I was aware of but just didn’t have interest in was “spinning” or indoor cycling as it’s referred to. After it was highly recommended and insisted upon by a friend, I gave it a try. Game changer. I went to a recently opened indoor cycling studio called “The Handle Bar.” I’ll attempt to not sound too histrionic as I take you through my first experience.

Initially, I hoped my inexperience wouldn’t show through as I observed the others getting ready. The group of riders and I strapped on specialized biking shoes and entered the room. It immediately felt different. It was almost like I was putting cleats on again and stepping onto the field with my team – really cool feeling. We locked into the bike pedals – this was serious. The instructor was up on stage blasting the music and flashing the lights, we were ready for our journey. It took me right back to pregame warm-ups in front of a big crowd.

The ride was 45-minute combination of sprints, hills, and various choreographed movements to the rhythm of the beat. That was the coolest part. Everyone was riding together to the beat of great music. It had that team, camaraderie feel I’d been craving, along with the inner challenge to push myself. The combination of the overall community feel, coupled with your own individual thoughts and goals throughout the ride is what makes it so rewarding.  My teammates were in the trenches with me, except it was just as fun as it was challenging.

There was a weighted-bar arm routine during the session that completed the full body workout. I was so impressed with the energy in the room, which helped keep the motivation up during the ride, along with an awesome instructor (really fed off her energy and leadership, I could tell how much she loved it). Fellas – join me. It’s the best cardio workout you’ll have all week and an incredible change up from the same old routine. Walk by The Handle Bar during a ride, you’ll hear the music and see the lights. It’s like the party that everyone wants to go to, except there’s more girls than guys. Maybe that’s the stereotype that deters the guys – that it’s a “girl thing?” It shouldn’t be. This is the latest and greatest in fitness in Boston, and The Handle Bar is the best in the game. My only regret after leaving was that I didn’t get involved earlier.

Music’s Biggest Night – The 2014 Grammy Awards

Wait, what? Daft punk and Stevie Wonder performing on the same stage? Yep, that’s right. They’ll be performing alongside each other this Sunday at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

This matchup of artists from totally different genres and generations is historic on multiple levels. Rewind 40 years to Stevie Wonder’s prime – the 1970s – and tell him this is where he would be on Sunday, January 26th, 2014. His first questions would probably be, who is Daft Punk and what type of music do they play. Well, Stevie, to answer your questions…

Daft Punk  is a duo of French DJs – aptly considered musicians now, in 2014 – who emerged onto the scene in the 1990s. Daft Punk and similar pioneering Electronic Dance Musicians are of European origin, as the market for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has been steady in  the UK for the past few decades, but is only now peaking in the United States. The proof is in the pudding – at this year’s Grammy Awards, Daft Punk  is up for Album of the Year and Best Dance/Electronica Album with Random Access Memories as their first album released since 2001. Additionally, the pair has a nomination for Record of the Year for Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers).

How has EDM quickly become such a trend in the US in the past  few years, when just a decade or two ago, drum machines and synthesizers were hardly considered musical instruments? The first Grammy for best Dance/Electronica Album was given in 2005, a mere 10 years before EDM’s emergence on the scene in the United States in the mid 1990s. Ever since EDM made it’s debut in the 90s, it has dissipated and again resurfaced, but is now likely here to stay. EDM has even established itself as a unique genre on the radio that laid its roots in 2012, right here in Boston. Evolution 101.7 is our go to station for “all things Dance”.

Now, take a second to picture what cycling classes were like ten, or even five years ago. Imagine sprints without the epic bass drop to push you further than your mental road blocks. Try to picture climbing the toughest hills guided only by overplayed Top 40 songs. That’s right – no dance/dub/electronic mixes to get you to the top. Ask any of our instructors – “playlisting” is hard as it is. Without remixes and EDM beats, original playlists would likely be few and far between. Without EDM, there would hardly be a beat to chase. It’s difficult to imagine indoor cycling – especially at The Handle Bar – without EDM.

So, in the spirit of “Music’s Biggest Week,” we salute you, EDM, for giving us a beat to chase in the saddle.

#ChaseTheBeat this Sunday with Lena at 11:30am for a special Grammy’s ride, sure to be booming with jams from all of the 2014 Grammy nominees!

Who raised the bar in December?

Julie Moody!

Julie has been riding at The Handle Bar since September and has proven herself as one of our strongest riders! She always grabs a front row seat and leads the pack with great form and impeccable rhythm. When she’s not in the saddle, Julie can be found jogging the streets of Southie, and she most recently signed up for her first ever marathon. Check out our post by Susan about spinning to run..  preparation for her first marathon this November.. Julie will certainly be following suit!
Congratulations Julie! 
Julie Moody

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has yours been like with spinning?

I took my first spin class in college and loved it! I played college soccer and always needed to stay in shape throughout the year. Nothing really got me in the shape I needed to be in like spin. I used to work at a gym in Boston and would try out all the classes they had to offer. I soon realized that I only wanted to go to the spin classes. That’s when I knew it was the right workout for me. When I moved to Southie in September and saw the studio in the neighborhood I knew I needed to join and I have been hooked ever since. I have always been a huge fan of intense, quick workouts and the 45 minute classes at The Handle Bar do the trick for me.

How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

I really enjoy working out so I look forward to spin everyday. After a long day at work there is nothing that makes me feel better than an amazing spin class. Walking into the studio after a 9 hour day I’m feeling pretty tired, but walking out after a great ride, I feel like a completely different person. I think I work out more for the mental benefits than the physical benefits. Endorphins are no joke! 🙂

Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

I love The Handle Bar for a lot of different reasons. I think a huge factor for finding a place to workout is convenience. That’s what got me in the door when I first moved to Southie. But the attention to detail is what keeps my coming back each month. I think the instructors at The Handle Bar are amazing. Everyone brings something new to the table and it keeps all the classes fun. Also, I love the community feel at the studio. Walking into The Handle Bar at 6am for a Monday Morning class and hearing, “Happy Birthday!” is something that you wont find in many places. Everyone really makes you feel great when you’re there and its something that makes The Handle Bar so special.

What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

My whole life was filled with soccer so when that ended my senior year of college I was in need of something else. I would go running which I really enjoyed, but I got bored pretty quickly. I also needed some strength training to go with the running. Spinning is the perfect workout to incorporate cardio, strength training and a full body workout all in one.

What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

The Handle Bar has helped me get in a great workout routine that I love. I actually joke with my friends that I am addicted to spinning because I hate to miss a class so much.

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

I love a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and going out with friends.

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

My favorite classes are Lena’s 11:30 Saturday and Sunday rides. Gotta earn my weekend!!

What is your favorite music to spin to?

I like it all! A little pop, rap, rock, mashups, techno — anything. The best classes are the ones with a good variety.

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I love bike shoes. I had never used them before starting at The Handle Bar but now I don’t think I could go back to sneakers.

What motivates you?

I’ve always been a self motivator. I don’t think there is a better feeling than setting your mind to something and accomplishing it.

What words do you live by?

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”

Rethink your resolution

Ring in 2014 with a resolution that will stick

By Falon Sweeney

Why is it that New Year’s resolutions always get a bad rap? Why do we end the year knowing that an empty promise looms within the first month of the New Year? It’s almost as if we are setting ourselves up for failure as soon as the ball drops. Personally, I have always been a resolution girl. I love structure, and I love a good challenge. But looking back on it, I don’t think I’ve ever made one lasting New Year’s resolution. After actu20131231-145448.jpgally putting a little bit of thought into this phenomenon, I have realized that I, along with my fellow “resolvers,” jump into the New Year with too much of the wrong kind of gusto. We want to take on everything from losing those last ten pounds to kicking every last one of our bad habits, but by the third week of the New Year, we are totally exhausted. We cave, for one reason or another, and many times, end up worse off than we were in December. But this year could be different. This year I challenge you to rethink your resolution.

Make a smaller, more sustainable resolution that you are likely to keep for years, rather than a few short weeks. Keep in mind, your resolution doesn’t have to be—and probably shouldn’t be—an entire lifestyle change, or even something tangible. It can be simple. It can be abstract. It can be one word, or it can involve no words at all. Take a few minutes to sit down and figure out what you can add to your life to make it more fulfilling, rather than what you can remove from it (unless of course you are removing negative thinking!). Focus on process-oriented goals, rather than outcome-oriented goals.

Now, just a disclaimer – This isn’t a way for you to evade the whole resolution thing. It is a way for you to ring in 2014 on a positive note and to keep those positive vibes flowing all year long. Now, take a second and think about the resolution you had in mind—you know, the one you’ve been thinking about making ever since you overdid it with the Christmas cookies last week. Is it broad, all-encompassing, a true challenge, something you’re guilty about, or something you just know you won’t be able to sustain throughout the year? Does it have any hint of negativity? Does it involve some sort of too-good-to-be-true cookie diet or lemonade concoction? If so, consider the following resolutions instead:

Be flexible The next time something doesn’t go as you had planned, take a deep breath and assure yourself it will be okay. Because it will. Embrace the change in plans and consider that maybe, it happened for a reason.

Unplug Yup. You read that right. Shut it off—the iPhone, the tablet, the laptop, the TV, and even the Kindle. Rest your eyes. Hell, even close them and take a second to embrace this human experience you are having. Think back to when technology wasn’t so advanced and all the things you used to enjoy instead of trolling Facebook and Twitter for hours. Maybe even try to incorporate those things back into your life for just a few hours a day.

Take a risk Have something you’ve been itching to do for years but the time is just never “right”? Well, here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for. Get out there and do it, because you’ve clearly been thinking it over for quite a while.

Strive for balance You don’t need to work out every single day. You don’t need to eat clean every single day. You don’t need to work overtime every single day. Because, let’s be honest, if you did all of that, every day, don’t you think you’d burn out? (Hint: the answer is yes)

Meditate daily Many of us get weirded out when someone talks about meditation. Well, at least I did before I actually tried it. I learned that it doesn’t have to be a spiritual experience. It can be a way to relax, to help you fall asleep, or to simply get in touch with your inner-self. I promise, it really isn’t all that cheesy. If you’re not sure how to start, here are a few great meditation podcasts to help you unwind.

Swallow your pride I’m not saying to refrain from taking pride in what you love—that’s a whole different ball game. I’m talking about practicing humility. Don’t assume that you can take on everything and anything. Don’t assume you’re better than anyone else. Heck, don’t assume at all. Although society constantly forces us to compare ourselves with one another, don’t fall victim to it. We are not living according to a scale ranked from one to ten. Stop vying for that power or importance we all so desperately seek, and just be. As Mark Twain once said, “Comparison is the death of joy”. So don’t preoccupy yourself with how many likes you got on that Instagram, how many favorites you got on your last tweet, or how pretty you think you [don’t] look in your NYE pics. It. Does. Not. Matter.

Practice gratitude Say thank you. To yourself, your mother, your brother, and even your cat. Everyone serves some purpose in your life. Even if you can’t figure out just what that purpose is, thank them for their mere presence. But most of all, be grateful for yourself. You are healthy. You are living, You are breathing. Give thanks.

Floss your teeth Your dentist has been on your case for years. Just do it. Successfully incorporating a small habit like this into your daily routine will help you add more significant (yet manageable) habits to your life when the time comes.

Forget the number on the scale It does not define you. It is not a price tag for your self worth. It isn’t even an entirely accurate depiction of your health. Please, this year, don’t make your resolution a number—especially one that no one ever has to know.

Pay it forward Ever get a surge of happiness, kindness, or a random burst of positive energy? Next time, pass that positive energy on to somebody else with a random act of kindness or gratitude so that he or she may pass it on to someone else in need. Maybe just sharing this post with a loved one could be your way of paying it forward.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions mean different things to different people. It is up to you to figure out how you will begin this New Year. You decide. Will you #RethinkYourResolution? Will you #ResolveToRaiseTheBar?


Who raised the bar this month?

Olivia Sherry!

Olivia has been inspiring us since we met her in June. She works every day to make herself 1% better. Working out has not always come easy for her, but since finding The Handle Bar, Olivia has managed to stick with her routine and has become one of our most frequent riders. At one time, Olivia began her days with a diet soda and a cigarette ..  now she’s kicked bad habits and uses her own personal achievements to motivate her to continued success!

“Motivation can be a  struggle for me, but I have to stop and think of what I have achieved.. and own it.”

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has your experience/journey been like with spinning?

A few years ago I started to workout. After years of smoking it was time to kick the habit, so I decided to work out.  Six weeks in I quit – and what a mess I was! But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Along my fitness journey I did boot camps and I tried running, cause it just looked so easy (yikes how wrong was I!?) and was doing ok but then i injured my Achillies Tendon so the owner of gym suggested Spinning and I loved it! I made great friends and participated in a Spin-a-Thon. As my work schedule got busier and the gym began to change class times, it wasn’t working out but I continued to fit them in on occasion.

You know how some people are good at everything? Well I am not like that. Most gyms intimidate me which makes me shy away from trying new things. Then this summer I heard about The Handle Bar. I was so excited for many reasons, but the biggest reason was the variety of times!

How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

This is something I am still working on, but I book my classes in advance and writing them in my date book along side my work schedule keeps me accountable and on track. My goal is to continue to work on this especially as the winter comes.. but thanks to the Black Friday Sale I stocked up on classes and I am ready to continue to improve my fitness!

Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

I go to The Handle Bar for the variety of class times.. and I love how they teach- dark room and high beat music. The Handle Bar is small but I think this makes it more personal and i don’t feel overwhelmed. You walk in and the staff are friendly and they get to know your face and name. 

 What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

Living in South Boston we are lucky to have Castle Island to walk, the local gym, or workout videos. But who was I kidding? Set that up… or watch an episode of Real Housewives of somewhere!?

 What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

Its always so easy to talk myself out of going to the gym especially if I am tired or just lazy but having to book classes in advance doesn’t allow for me to flake. I have on occasion for work reasons.. but my clients know that and have to pay for the loss of my class! And this past week I blew off a class to go see Rod Stewart , HA!  

As a nanny I give times outs. Luckily this doesn’t happened too often, but this summer I had to give myself a time out to address my migraines and daily headaches. I found out some stuff about my body and how I was giving myself headaches from taking to much Excedrin. So with a few tweaks I am happy to say both my migraines and headaches have been reduced and its a proven fact that exercise is key to migraine and headache sufferers. As I learn more about my body and what causes migraines and headaches The Handle Bar has and will continue to be the go-to workout for me. 

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

I like to juice, more so in the hot summer than the winter helps the body cool off. But I love food maybe too much at times! I prefer to cook than go out and trying and sharing new recipes is always fun.

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

Jess, Elise and Lena, there are times the classes get so pumped up that all the glass fogs over and your sweat is ON! I believe this is great detox for the skin too.. gives you a glow! Elise gets my week going on monday Evening at 615pm.

 What is your favorite music to spin to?

Anything thats keeps the beat up, and every now and again they have a 80s song remix now who doesn’t love the 80s music, is this my chance to request some Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses? hehe.

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I used to spin in sneakers when I stared out… but after my injury i invested in the shoes. It helps keep my posture and balance in check, l couldn’t ever go back to sneakers.

What motivates you?

Motivation can be a  struggle for me, but I have to stop and think of what I have achieved and own it. I was a smoker and a drinker and I used start my day with diet soda and cigarettes. At the time i didn’t know how bad I felt. So I continue to use these achievement to motivate me. My last hurdle is losing a few pounds but i know its a slow procedure because I refuse to starve myself.  I am approaching the big 40 in 2015 and I want to continue to become stronger and fitter!

What words do you live by?

“i know and own my faults but I need to recognize my good qualities too”