Power Through Spring with these Mantras

The inspirational words HB instructors are living by this season.


Spring is all about change and new beginnings — flowers are in bloom, summer’s in sight, shorts weather isn’t far. But let’s be real: It also means fluke winter-y days (read: snow storms) and rain spells.

Enter: these powerful, positive mantras that have been keeping HB instructors on track, upbeat, and motivated this season. Keep these inspirational phrases handy next time you need a lift (and then hit the saddle to sweat out a bad mood).

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The HB Transformation Challenge

The Challenge is back once again: Three guys, eight weeks, and a whole lot of rides. We’d like you to meet our three Handle Bar gentlemen this year, who have made a commitment to themselves to transform and raise the bar. Each of them has made specific goals to stick to from now until April 1. Keep your eyes peeled for each of them in classes on the regular! Continue reading