Congrats to our HBingo winners!

Over two of the snowiest weeks Boston has ever seen, us folks at The Handle Bar hosted a challenge – HBingo!

Riders had 14 days to complete a row of the HBingo card (it wasn’t easy) to win 1 week of unlimited riding. SIX dedicated (and fearless of the snow) riders completed the challenge by finishing at least 1 row or column on the bingo board. Congratulations to:

Kym Murray

Erica Mellone

Corinne Nagle

Jenna Swymeler

Emily Lawless

And we’re in awe of our HBingo winner who completed a bingo and much more. With 14 finished squares our HBingo winner wins 1 month of free riding!

Erin Horgan

Check out her finished card below! Great work everyone, and happy riding.