The HB Transformation Challenge

The Challenge is back once again: Three guys, eight weeks, and a whole lot of rides. We’d like you to meet our three Handle Bar gentlemen this year, who have made a commitment to themselves to transform and raise the bar. Each of them has made specific goals to stick to from now until April 1. Keep your eyes peeled for each of them in classes on the regular! Continue reading

Words with Weight: Alexa

“I’ll make it to the moon if I have to crawl” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

We see it all the time – people falling into a rhythm, a pattern, something well known and practiced. Day in and day out waking up and going through a routine, guaranteeing your feet firmly planted on the ground. So you ask, “Why fix something that isn’t broken?”

Why not?! Continue reading

#HBSummerShare Finale! Congrats to All!

We hope all of your enjoy every minute of #HBSummerShare, we definitely did. Hopefully it has inspired you to challenge yourself and others to not only ride more but enjoy life as well. We want to thank you for sharing your summers with us! You have #RAISEDTHEBAR!

10 Weeks of Instagrams #HBSummerShare

10 Weeks of Instagram #HBSummerShare

Jess will be emailing all riders that rode 45 or more rides during the 10 weeks so you can pick up your #HBSummerShare towel. And now for the big reveal of the riders with the more rides!

The top three riders are…..

1. Caitlyn Kerrigan with 87 rides
2. Jaclyn Johnson with 85 rides
3. Katelyn Cunniff with 80 rides

Not only do these three riders win a #HBSummerShare towel but the Grand Prize Winner, Caitlyn Kerrigan, has won a complimentary unlimited month of free riding. The two runner up winners, Jaclyn Johnson and Katelyn Cunniff, have both won an entire week of unlimited riding. Congrats ladies!

#HBSummerShare Towels!

#HBSummerShare 2015 Towels!

Remember to ride every day like its Summer Share! Stay active, keep challenging yourself and take yourselves to new heights. You created and successfully committed to a summer with sharing.

10 Weeks of Twitter #HBSummerShare

10 Weeks of Twitter #HBSummerShare

Tweet us your favorite moments of this summers #HBSummerShare @the_handle_bar!

by amy frankenthaler