HB Summer Festival on Tour with TWO Bar Fights: #HBonTour


Ride Details:

FENWAY Chainsmokers and Misterwives BAR FIGHT: 7/23/2015 at 7:00PM with ALLIE + EVE

SOUTHIE Passion Pit and Broods BAR FIGHT: 7/23/2015 at 5:45PM with LENA + SARAH C


Chainsmokers and Misterwives Bar Fight

  MisterWives Image The Chainsmokers Image

We will be bringing the EDM style of The Chainsmokers (@thechainsmokers) to the Indie vibe of the MisterWives (@misterwives) together in this Bar Fight. You can not miss this! See below for both The Chainsmokers and MisterWives more popular hits to prepare for the Bar Fight. Allie and Eve are excited to show you how awesome these two bands are.The Chainsmokers are playing s couple HUGE Festivals this summer: Lollapalooza (8/2) and The Billboard Hot 100 Musical Festival (8/22-8/23) in Jones Beach NY. The MisterWives have a big Festival schedule coming up, they are playing Boston Calling (9/25-9/27), The Grassroots Music Festival (7/31-8/2) and Outside Lands (8/7-8/9).

Artists similar to Chainsmokers: Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Alesso, Galantis, Zedd, Tiesto, Avicii,

Artists similar to MisterWives: X Ambassadors, Zella Day, Halsey, Betty Who, Ryn Weaver

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Passion Pit and Broods Bar Fight

Passion PitBroods

This Bar Fight is RIGHT before the Passion Pit (@passionpit) and Broods sold out show at the Lawn on D! Pre-game this awesome show with Lena and Sarah C, we are so pumped for this Bar Fight and Show! We hope to see you at both! You can also catch the Broods (@broodsmusic) at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco (8/7-8/9) and Passion Pit will be playing some lower key venues the rest of the summer. We hope to see you at our pregame Bar Fight and at the Lawn on D July 23rd!

Artists similar to Passion Pit: Matt and Kim, MGMT, Foster The People, Vampire Weekend, Ra Ra Riot
Artists similar to Broods: Lorde, Banks, Betty Who, MS MR, Zella Day, Halsey, CHVRCHES, Milky Ekko

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by amy frankenthaler

Hello from Peru!

By: Falon Sweeney

Hello from Peru! For the past four months I have been in Chile, managing the blog, writing posts here and there, and living vicariously through the HB Twitter feed. I have had the most incredible four months in Chile, but I am so excited to return to Boston and the HB to get my summer sweat on. I have had the opportunity to take spin classes at a local gym in Chile, but there really is nothing quite like a HB sweat sesh. Being instructed in Spanish was a fun twist and great practice, but I’m ready to get back to raising the bar, HB style.

I am currently writing from the foot of Machu Picchu, in Aguascalientes, where I am wrapping up my semester abroad with a trip through Peru with two good friends that I met on my abroad program. We’ve been traveling through Peru sinceMonday morning, beginning our journey exploring Incan ruins and getting to know Peruvian culture.

Before our program began in February, the three of us and four other students from our 21 person program did a four day trek through Torres del Paine, Patagonia in the far south of Chile. This four day trek brought us closer than I could have ever imagined and set the tone for an unforgettable semester abroad in Chile with some great friends by my side.

However, before February, I had never really considered myself much of a hiker. Sure, I love a jaunt up Blue Hill every now and then, but by no means did I feel prepared to trek (tents and all) through Patagonia with a 30lb pack. Only the pros do that, right? Wrong…with the help of my friends, that is.

I won’t lie, 46 kilometers in four days wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. We hiked from campsite to campsite, dusk until dawn, getting to know one another in our rawest forms – there’s wasn’t much opportunity hide our personalities, and that brought us closer than ever. We pushed each other mentally – and sometimes physically – to make it to the top of whatever mountain we were climbing. We had each other’s backs, and just knowing that made finishing the trek all the more feasible.

It wasn’t until today when my two friends and I stumbled upon Mount Putucusi that I was reminded of these feelings. We had been searching for the entrance to the mountain for about and hour, and just as we were about to give up and enjoy a cold beer and the World Cup game, we found the hidden stairs leading up to the top. None of us wanted to be the one to suggest calling it quits, even though we had already woken up at 4am, drove 2 hours from Cusco with a crazy taxi driver, completed a 1.5 hour trek in Ollantaytambo, and traveled 2 hours by train to Aguascalientes, all without a nap. You could say we deserved a break, but we continued nonetheless.

A quarter of the way up, we came to a series of nearly vertical, wooden ladders, and my friend, Katie, who is deathly afraid of heights, was ready to turn around. I wouldn’t have been upset to head back, but I had an urge to see what lay ahead of us. Assuring her I just wanted to see what was up there, I headed for the top. Not long after, both she and my other friend, Audrey were on their way up as well. When we all reached the top of the first ladder, it was plain to see that the next leg of our climb was made up of the same treacherous ladders. Katie’s fear almost got the best of her, but encouragement from Audrey and I helped her realize that we were in Machu Picchu, climbing ladders and stone stairs in the middle of the selva, and that we probably wouldn’t have the same opportunity in the future. That realization and reassurance from fellow trekkers that the view was worth it, Katie reluctantly gave in. She led us the rest of the way and I pulled up the rear. After we passed the 6 sets of vertical ladders, it was all steep stone stairs to the top. Exhausted physically, I fell behind. I took breaks every time I would complete one side of a zig-zag, but was struggling hardcore. I thought to myself “they’ll get to the top and come find me on the way down – I’ll just see the view from the pictures” and “oh, well this view is breathtaking enough for me”. I tried to justify my desire to give up, but the fact that Katie and Audrey were still pushing along with determination to get to the top kept me determined to finish. Plus, Katie faced her biggest fear – how could I let a little exhaustion hinder her great feat and the accomplishment we’d feel at the top? I couldn’t.

We all arrived at the top about an hour and a half before sunset, took in the amazing view of Machu Picchu that we weren’t even expecting to see, and snapped some great pics.

la foto 5 la foto 4 la foto 3 la foto 2 la foto 1

On the way down, I got to thinking about how the three of us unconsciously worked as a team to get to the top – kind of how we work as a pack at the HB to get ourselves and our fellow riders past our mental and physical barriers. But how could two things completely different – trekking and indoor cycling – be so similar?

Friends. Teammates. Hiking buddies. Rooster Riders. We are all on different journeys, mental and physical, but the one thing we hold in common is the need for support and camaraderie as we work to defeat our most challenging goals.

As the summer sets in and the HB Summer Share kicks off, we emphasize the importance of supporting our fellow riders, friends, or hikers through whatever journey they’re on. Summer is a time to set goals, enjoy the warm weather, travel somewhere you’ve never been – whether it’s to Maine or South America – all with good company.

We hope that you’ll share your summer with us at the HB and crush your most challenging goals, all with friends by your side.

The competition is getting stiff and the saddles are filling up. The HB Summer Share has begun…How will you share your summer?


Honoring the past and preparing for the present: The 118th Boston Marathon

ERINOur very own Handle Bar instructor, Erin McDonald will run this year’s Boston Marathon with a full heart and fierce dedication. We reflect on the past and look forward to Monday, interviewing Erin on her efforts and thoughts during this momentous time.

Every third Monday in April, Patriot’s Day is observed. But to true Bostonians, it’s Marathon Monday! A day to gather along the Boston Marathon course to cheer on the thousands of participants as they complete their 26.2-mile journey from Hopkinton to Copley Square. As always, thousands of onlookers and participants indulged in the Marathon Monday experience on April 15, 2013. Then tragedy struck. Two bombs were detonated near the finish line of the marathon causing shock, horror and complete disbelief. Individuals frantically searched for safety amidst the chaos, while everyone wondered why and how this could happen.

It has been one year since the ghastly attacks that occurred at the 117th Annual Boston Marathon finish line that shook the City of Boston. When we speak of the horrific events that took place, “Boston Strong” is instinctively the phrase uttered, showing the strength and resilience the city possesses. Immediately after the tragedy, Boston came together to provide support to all those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and emphasize the heart the city truly has.

One year later, the city is prepared for the 118th Boston Marathon, which will take place on Monday, April 21, 2014. Residents of Boston and visitors to the city are eager to participate, volunteer and cheer at the Boston Marathon conveying the message we all know so well “Boston Strong”. Our very own instructor at The Handle Bar, Erin, will be participating in the marathon on April 21st. This will be Erin’s fourth time running in the marathon and it will be a year like no other. Erin expresses her reactions to the events that occurred last year, why she wanted to run this year, and her feelings about the 118th Boston Marathon.

Q: Where were you last year when you first heard about the bombings at the Boston Marathon finish line? What were your reactions?

I was walking towards the finish line after leaving a Red Sox Game. I heard a bunch of sirens and could see swarms of police, EMT’s and fire fighters racing towards the finish line. As I walked, I could see people running towards me, crying. I stopped a man and asked what was going on and he told me that there had been some explosions and to not walk down there, it was gruesome. My stomach dropped to my toes and all I could think about were the friends I had that were running and also those who were watching as spectators in the area. I immediately tried to call my mother but my cell phone was not working. I ended up having to walk back towards Fenway Park where I could see so many people with distressed looks on their faces. Thousands of runners had been brought to a halt and pure panic had set in. I proceeded to walk towards the Mass Ave Bridge towards MIT, eventually stopping in at a bar in Cambridge where several televisions had the news on. As I watched in horror I started to cry and felt a tremendous amount of fear and vulnerability.

Q: Why did you want to participate in this year’s Boston Marathon?

After I finished the 2012 Boston Marathon in the extreme heat, I vowed to never run that race again. That lasted exactly one year! After the events that occurred on April 15, 2013 I didn’t give it a second thought. I knew I had to run this marathon at least one more time for the victims, survivors and the city I love so much.

Q: How do you feel the running community reacted to the tragedy that occurred this past year?

I have always felt that the running community was a unique group, but even more so now. The camaraderie and support has been unbelievable. The running community in Boston is a special group that has an endless amount of compassion.

Q: The Boston Athletic Association made the decision to allow for 9,000 more runners in this year’s marathon, making the 2014 race the largest it has ever been. The total field size is 36,000 runners, which is an enormous jump from the amount of participants in years past. Do you feel that it is a good idea to invite more runners to participate in this year’s marathon compared to past years?

I do feel it’s a good idea to invite more runners to participate in this year’s marathon. After seeing so many runners come so close to finishing and suddenly being brought to a halt was devastating. They deserve the opportunity to finish what they started one year ago. And for the added charities, what better way to remember the victims and survivors and to show that Boston will never be defeated. We are stronger and more united than ever!

Q: What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Boston Strong”?

A city that has become more united and resilient. The sense of community that has come out of such a tragedy is amazing and will only grow stronger. As David Ortiz said it best last year “This is our F’N City”. #BOSTONSTRONG

Q: What are you most looking forward to for this year’s marathon?

I am so excited to see how this city celebrates the camaraderie, strength and spirit. I am excited to meet new runners from all over the world and most importantly cross that finish line.

 Boston responded to the tragedy with great courage, strength, and passion. The city will come together for the 2014 Boston Marathon not just to run and support those participating, but to honor the first responders, the survivors and most importantly, remember the victims of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Boston makes it clear that they will not give in to tragedy. When we look around the city, “Boston Strong” is everywhere. But it’s not just a slogan; it is the city’s identity. One year later, Boston is only stronger.

All the victims of this tragedy will never be forgotten and forever will be honored.

DIY: Distressed wood sign

When opening The Handle Bar in South Boston last June, there were many successes that happened along the way as we designed the studio… By far my favorite success story is the big HB sign that hangs over our front desk. Not only is it an icon of our first studio, but it was handmade by two instructors – myself and a brand new HB instructor, Cara Tramontozzi. Cara and I were feeling ambitious and extra creative last spring, and decided to take on this ‘from-scratch’ project.

Boy did it work out.  And it was SO doable. I’ve received so much love for the handmade gem this year that I knew we’d have to do it again for our second location, and today we did! This time around I documented the whole process and have laid out the steps that we took to construct this mammoth centerpiece. You could do this at home with just a few tools and something beautiful or inspiring to paint on it’s front. (An awesome quote in cool typeface would look sick!)

Anywhoo, check it out and hit us up with questions or comments on our work. Just like all things relating to The Handle Bar, this project took a little bit of inspiration, a touch of motivation, and some sweat.. but we certainly raised the bar.

What we used:

1. Parts: Seven 9’x8″ wood boards, Two 6 foot 2″x4″s, Fourteen 1 5/8″ screws

2. Equipment: Paint Brushes, Drill, Electric Sander, projector, lap top.

3. Paint: Brown color for base, White color for topcoat. (Additional colors for artwork)

STEP ONE: Prep the boards

Paint the boards with the base color, brown. One coat is enough.. use a paint brush rather than roller as the brush strokes are lovely:)


Coat all boards including the sides and ends and let them dry.


Paint the top coat, white. One coat will do, use a brush again for this coat! Let dry completely.

IMG_1464Using an electric sander, gently work away some of the top coat to reveal the brown underneath. Focus on the edges of the board and the natural grain of the wood for the best results.



STEP TWO: Build the sign

Lay the 2″x4″s parallel to each other, where you would like to screw the sign (about 6 inches in from either side of the boards). Lay the boards over the 2″x4″s to your liking. (We staggered ours for a funky effect.)



Using the appropriate drill bit, drill pilot holes through the boards and into the 2″x4″s.


Using the drill, put the screws in place to secure the sign together.


STEP THREE: Outline your art.

Put the sign upright, on a level surface. Prop it up so it is a vertical work surface.


Using your projector, project the desired image onto the sign.


Carefully outline the entire image lightly in pencil.



STEP FOUR: Paint the art!

Using the appropriate colors, small brushes for accuracy, and plenty of patience..paint within the lines for a beautiful finished product!





Take a photo with your masterpiece:)



BIG THANK YOU to Cara Tram for all the help on both signs! 
Additional BIG THANKS to Sean and Ryan Fracalossi, and Casey Kane for your help today – great times. #raisethebar


Friends who sweat together stay fit together, longer

So you’ve decided to workout on a regular basis. And you mean it this time. No excuses, no postponing until tomorrow. Your journey starts today. That’s great news. However, as many of us have experienced, it is so much easier said than done. For some, a week of working out consistently can snowball into months of regular exercise and healthy eating habits. But for others—a.k.a., most of us—one week of consistency equals three more weeks of sporadic exercise, one too many “cheat” meals, and the inevitable fall from the bandwagon. This cycle continues, leaving us wondering how some people manage to hang on and make it past the proverbial hump, incorporating exercise and proper nutrition as part of their lifestyle—for life. It’s a puzzling sequence, but if you can find a motivational tool (aside from your unbending willpower, of course) from the start, you’ll be twice as likely to stick with it for the long run—even through those bitter Boston winters.

 There are endless ways to get motivated without even flexing your willpower muscles. Honestly, a few of my favorite motivators come from late-night Pintrest browsing. You could create a “fit-spiration” bulletin board, invest in some new kicks to show off at the gym (or maybe a pair of bike shoes?!), or buy a pack of spin classes or a gym membership with an expiration date so that you’ll be sure not to waste your money. But just like money can’t buy happiness, it can’t always buy motivation, either.

The best motivation I’ve yet to find comes from friends—a few of whom I barely knew before becoming a fitness fanatic, and others who have been by my side for years. Whether you introduce yourself to a fellow rider during class or drag your couch-potato roommate to sweat with you, I can almost guarantee it will be harder for either of you to lose your motivation when you don’t go it alone, for a few reasons:

Accountability—It’s rude to cancel last minute, but we always seem to cancel on ourselves. When you have a date to sweat with yourself and someone else, you’ll be way less likely to cancel, especially when that fit image you’ve been chasing is on the line. 

You’ll have more fun—If you’re making fitness an integral part of your lifestyle, you have to make it fun, or else you’ll eventually get bored. #Workhard with a friend and you can #playhard later!

 Spend time with the friend who’s always M.I.A.—We all have those friends whom we never see because they are just too busy. But chances are, if they’re into fitness, they won’t skip a workout. So sweat together a few times a week and your long lost friend could soon be your new bestie.

Celebrate your successes and sweat away your failures—With a few setbacks, you’ve kicked those stubborn ten pounds! Congrats! Now go celebrate with your fitness buddy—after you have a kickass workout together, of course : )


At The Handle Bar, we never sweat alone. That’s why we have an ongoing promotion that allows you to bring a “date” that has never ridden with us for free!

See you—and your friends—in the saddle!