Featured Playlist – Sarah’s Set 4/17

afrojack 30 secondsUnusual combinations can often be the best. Afrojack’s remix of “Do or Die” by Thirty Seconds to Mars, currently one of the biggest alternative rock bands in the world, is one of the best remixes we’ve ever heard. We’re obsessed!

The song is perfect for pick-ups in the saddle, tap backs on a hill, or even some high intensity presses in 3. Jared Leto’s powerful vocals combined with Afrojack’s insane mixing will definitely have you chasing that beat!

Jared Leto, the lead vocalist of Thirty Seconds to Mars, said this song is a reminder to live life no matter what. You’ll know what he means when watching the official video for the song. The two artists come together to prove just how powerful and inspiring music can be.

Check out Afrojack’s remix of “Do or Die” by Thirty Seconds to Mars and the rest of Sarah’s 4/17 playlist below. You can also listen to playlists from our other instructors on our Spotify page.