HB Summer Festival on Tour with Two Kick-Ass Rides: #HBonTour


Ride Details:

FENWAY- Kendrick Lamar & Drake Ride: 8/3/15 at 5:00PM + 6:00PM with ELISE

SOUTHIE- Charlie XCX & Lindsey Sterling Ride: 8/4/15 at 5:45PM with JESS


Kendrick Lamar and Drake Ride

 Album 'To Pimp a Butterfly' by Kendrick LamarDrake

Kendrick Lamar (@kendricklamar) hasn’t played Boston in a while, but has been active in the festival circuit the past year. He recently headlined at Bonnaroo this year and will be playing the Outside Lands (8/7-8/9) music festival in San Francisco. Drake (@Drake) needs far less introduction has he has become quite famous the past couple years. He’s dropped “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” early in 2015 and has been on fire all year. Drake has a busy August and September he will be playing Festivals in Canada: OVO Fest (8/2-8/3) and The Squamish Valley Music Festival (8/7-8/9) and then….Music Midtown Festival in GA (9/18-9/19), Landmark Music Festival in DC (9/26), ACL Music Festival in Austin, TX (10/2) and Route 91 Musical Festival in Las Vegas (10/2-10/4). Both Kendrick Lamar and Drake are rap-tastic and we can not wait to see how Elise brings these two together!

Artists similar to Kendrick Lamar: J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa

Artists similar to Drake: The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z

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Charlie XCX and Lindsey Stirling Ride

  Charli XCXLindsey StirlingJ

ess is bringing these two bad ass chicks together for an energy filled ride! You have definitely heard Charli XCX (@charli_xcx) if you have spun at The Handle Bar this Spring/Summer. Charli XCX was featured in Icona Pop’s ginormous hit “I Love It”. She’s about to go on a huge tour with the Bleachers with Jack Antonoff, they actually will be swinging by the House of Blues in Boston 9/14/2015! Lindsey Stirling (@lindseystirling) combines classical music with EDM, hip hop and probably more into just magic. You can catch Lindsey Stirling in a ton of festivals this August including Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco (8/7-8/9), The Billboard Hot 100 Musical Festival (8/22-8/23) in Jones Beach NY and some smaller venues in between.


Artists similar to Charlie XCX: Ellie Goulding, Grimes, Icona Pop, Sia, Purity Ring, Lana Del Ray

Artists similar to Lindsey Stirling: Skrillex, David Garrett, Escala, Taylor Davis, Audiomachine

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by amy frankenthaler

Not Just a Girl Thing

I can’t figure out exactly when indoor cycling – an action-packed, sweat-inducing, heart pumping push of an exercise routine – became ‘just a girl thing’, but we all know that in the collective athletic consciousness, that adage is more than a little bit true.

And on some level I get it! Lots of girls in colorful spandex, some girl power tunes, and tons of motivational, pump-you-up talk from your high-energy, kick-ass instructor. But who says feeling good and building up a crazy sweat have to be mutually exclusive concepts? Good news, they don’t! Here’s why:

  1. It gets your ‘flow’ going

Do you know what it’s like to be totally in the zone during a workout? That mind-blanking, totally exhilarating, full mind/body meld when everything seems to click into place all at one time? If you do, I’d bet good money that spin has probably has something to do with it. If not, riding at the HB might be just the thing to help you get there. Why? According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the guy who literally wrote the book on ‘flow’- the academic manifestation of getting in the groove – hearing motivational words during your workout is a huge factor in keeping your mind on the moment. By letting your HB instructor talk you through that climb or letting Rihanna, Calvin Harris, and Lil Wayne sing you through your sprint, you actually help your brain stay in the present and achieve exercise nirvana.[1]

guys fenway

  1. It increases your muscular endurance

Seasoned lifters are likely to scoff when confronted with what looks like a tiny bar resting happily next to their bike at every HB class, but don’t be fooled! The songs that utilize that bar to tone your arms are increasing your musculature in a completely different way from heavy lifting. Even Men’s Fitness (yes, THAT Men’s Fitness) extolls the benefits of low-weight/high-rep lifting as a part of a balanced workout routine.[2] While your deadlifts, squats, and intense bench presses at the gym are what help boost your muscle size, low-weight/high-rep exercises like the ones at HB are the ones that help you lift for longer!


  1. It’s an individually tailored workout and a group activity – at the same time!

One of the greatest things about riding at the HB is the sense of group camaraderie you get from working out with another group of highly motivated people – just like you get on the field playing a team sport. But the HB offers something that a team sport doesn’t – the ability to tailor your output and effort to your abilities. By allowing for individual levels of resistance and speed – we rate effort on a 1-10 scale, so the level of your workout is always determined by you – you have the ability to push yourself to your limits without being held up to the limits of others.

All right guys, so now you know – spinning is definitely not just for the girls anymore. So saddle up, and come join us on the bike!  I promise – no spandex required.

guys in fenway, men fitness, spinning, boston, workout, cardio

by: sarah weinberg

Berg, Michael, and Brad Schoenfeld. n.d. “Your Ideal Rep Range.” Men’s Fitness.

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. 1998. Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life. Basic Books.


Patio Dining in the Bean – Make it a healthy Spring 2014

By: Raisa Hoffman

we can all agree, one of the most satisfying things to do after a tough workout… EAT

Particularly if you are meeting up with friends afterwards, the urge to splurge can be greater than you had intended. During the biting weather of the winter months, your health and fitness can slide due to difficult weather conditions, shorter days, compromised immune systems, and comfort food cravings. As springtime approaches, you have an increased desire to look your best when you’re not hidden under pounds of clothing. So while you are trying to get out of the Winter funk and improve your fitness for Spring, here are some healthy outdoor dining suggestions so that you can stop worrying about getting the flu, enjoy the weather with your friends, and start getting some color on your skin. Enjoy the patio dining opportunities that Boston has to offer, and its easy to keep it healthy!

Parish Café – Located in both the South End and Boylston Street, this casual café offers a wide variety of sandwiches and salads with ample outdoor seating.


Snappy Sushi – For Sushi lovers! This sushi restaurant is located right on Newbury Street with both inside and outside seating. Perfect for something low calorie and refreshing.

 snappy sushi

Sip -This trendy wine bar and kitchen is located in the theater district. Perfect for a date or a large group of people. Menu has anything from sushi to pizza. Outdoor seating places you right in downtown Boston across from the Ritz Carlton.


Cafeteria Boston – Located in Back Bay with both indoor and outdoor seating, this cafeteria-style restaurant serves nothing but organic foods from grass-fed burgers to local produce. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Sweetgreen – This little salad bar offers the most outrageously healthy and satisfying salad dishes you can imagine. Located on Boylston Street across from the Copley train station, Sweetgreen is perfect for either a quick food stop or a date with a friend or significant other. Rumor has it we can expect another convenient sweetgreen location this spring… can’t wait!sweetgreen-boston

As any resident of Boston knows, springtime is a big deal. Fill the season with exercise and healthy eating while being able to enjoy the company of your friends and the weather all at once.

As the earth starts to rejuvenate, so should you. Jump into this spring with new intentions and goals for yourself!

Who raised the bar in December?

Julie Moody!

Julie has been riding at The Handle Bar since September and has proven herself as one of our strongest riders! She always grabs a front row seat and leads the pack with great form and impeccable rhythm. When she’s not in the saddle, Julie can be found jogging the streets of Southie, and she most recently signed up for her first ever marathon. Check out our post by Susan about spinning to run..  preparation for her first marathon this November.. Julie will certainly be following suit!
Congratulations Julie! 
Julie Moody

Everyone has their own unique fitness journey. What has yours been like with spinning?

I took my first spin class in college and loved it! I played college soccer and always needed to stay in shape throughout the year. Nothing really got me in the shape I needed to be in like spin. I used to work at a gym in Boston and would try out all the classes they had to offer. I soon realized that I only wanted to go to the spin classes. That’s when I knew it was the right workout for me. When I moved to Southie in September and saw the studio in the neighborhood I knew I needed to join and I have been hooked ever since. I have always been a huge fan of intense, quick workouts and the 45 minute classes at The Handle Bar do the trick for me.

How do you fit fitness into your everyday life?

I really enjoy working out so I look forward to spin everyday. After a long day at work there is nothing that makes me feel better than an amazing spin class. Walking into the studio after a 9 hour day I’m feeling pretty tired, but walking out after a great ride, I feel like a completely different person. I think I work out more for the mental benefits than the physical benefits. Endorphins are no joke! 🙂

Why do you come to spin at The Handle Bar?

I love The Handle Bar for a lot of different reasons. I think a huge factor for finding a place to workout is convenience. That’s what got me in the door when I first moved to Southie. But the attention to detail is what keeps my coming back each month. I think the instructors at The Handle Bar are amazing. Everyone brings something new to the table and it keeps all the classes fun. Also, I love the community feel at the studio. Walking into The Handle Bar at 6am for a Monday Morning class and hearing, “Happy Birthday!” is something that you wont find in many places. Everyone really makes you feel great when you’re there and its something that makes The Handle Bar so special.

What did you do for fitness prior to joining the studio?

My whole life was filled with soccer so when that ended my senior year of college I was in need of something else. I would go running which I really enjoyed, but I got bored pretty quickly. I also needed some strength training to go with the running. Spinning is the perfect workout to incorporate cardio, strength training and a full body workout all in one.

What goals has The Handle Bar helped you achieve?

The Handle Bar has helped me get in a great workout routine that I love. I actually joke with my friends that I am addicted to spinning because I hate to miss a class so much.

What’s your favorite way to retox after a long week?

I love a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and going out with friends.

Do you have a favorite class at The Handle Bar?

My favorite classes are Lena’s 11:30 Saturday and Sunday rides. Gotta earn my weekend!!

What is your favorite music to spin to?

I like it all! A little pop, rap, rock, mashups, techno — anything. The best classes are the ones with a good variety.

What are your thoughts on using bike shoes? Had you ever used them prior to riding with us at The Handle Bar?

I love bike shoes. I had never used them before starting at The Handle Bar but now I don’t think I could go back to sneakers.

What motivates you?

I’ve always been a self motivator. I don’t think there is a better feeling than setting your mind to something and accomplishing it.

What words do you live by?

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”